@orbifx @lorabe I agree that awareness is a problem, people often don't realize the implications of using such technology. Meanwhile, companies spent a lot of time branding themselves as trustworthy. Google coining "don't be evil" is a good example.

I suspect that even most people who understand the problem are just resigned to it.

I think we need more open alternatives to these services that work well enough for regular people to use.


@yogthos @orbifx @lorabe
Unfortunately there's often an attitude in open/community projects that prevents normal people (who just want to use technology the way they drive a car) from using it. This patronizing "I'm going to educate you in How to Computer" attitude where adoption is deliberately made into a hurdle that keeps out the people who just want to share pictures of their cat or ask their phone to play a song or whatever.

@frankiesaxx @orbifx @lorabe I've always found this sort of thing incredibly frustrating. That kind of attitude is harmful to everybody.

@frankiesaxx @yogthos @orbifx
The problem with the free software community is the problem of the whole internet.

Sometimes the people use its freedom of speech in the worst possible way, only because they're free. Sometimes we need to be more simply...

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