my Yule cocktail :)
It's basically a nordic Waldorf with Valhalla instead of absinthe

3 parts single malt whisky (not peaty)
2 parts Valhalla
1 part red vermouth
a couple dashes walnut bitters
Garnish with a twist of orange peel

Having a beer in the hotel restaurant while I wait for housekeeping to finish in our room. Two babies are talking to me. Literal babies.

It works out all right because the only thing any of us can say in a common language is "hola!"

My in-laws touristing Barcelona: and these are pics of Gaudi buildings and these are pics of a street market and these are tapas we ate in a tapas bar...

Me touristing Barcelona: and this is an attractive plant and this is a floofy plant and this is tentacle plant and this is a plant based burger I ate in a cat-themed vegan bar....

Building on some ideas from the article linked in the post, something I feel is overlooked in a lot of accessibility discussions is software that's economically accessible.

So many discussions assume every user is going to be able to own a recent model smartphone, is going to have the $5/month to get a VPS or cloud host, has bandwidth, etc.

One of Twitter's earliest draws was it could be used by SMS from a dumb phone.

via @aardrian

That thing where you're so tired of looking at screens and red bull + vodka seems like a legit dinner food

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