Passed my driving test! I was going to stop at Systembolaget and get myself a wee Moët (hehe) to celebrate but I was so excited I forgot so instead I went for a so I could send some gifts because I've been a bad friend and then made a vodka lemonade with the GOOD vodka (Crystal Head Aurora :)

I was feeling bad about going a little over my calorie limit yesterday and today, wondering why I was SO hungry and kind of beating myself up over my lack of self control.


Now I am congratulating myself for my rock hard self control and the fact I have not eaten all the chocolate cupcakes I KNOW we have in the freezer.

Social media: I'm just a meat cog in the interact machine mindlessly promoting the content of influencers

like... like... boost... like... boost... boost... like... like... boost... like... boost... ∞

Dis what I got for my cakeday (every time I see @moonman post I think I should start them)

my Yule cocktail :)
It's basically a nordic Waldorf with Valhalla instead of absinthe

3 parts single malt whisky (not peaty)
2 parts Valhalla
1 part red vermouth
a couple dashes walnut bitters
Garnish with a twist of orange peel

Having a beer in the hotel restaurant while I wait for housekeeping to finish in our room. Two babies are talking to me. Literal babies.

It works out all right because the only thing any of us can say in a common language is "hola!"

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