Do you have cronometer.com? It's by far my fave calorie tracking app. I liked it best when it was available as a debian package but I've sucked it up and gone along with the web & app. It lets you download all your data and afaik has the best privacy.

That's all anyone can hope for really. Nobody's perfect, and the best any of us can do is learn to see some of our own shitty, damaging behaviours and make a conscious effort to be different. I don't know you very well or anything, but you seem like a decent human to me.

We had seitan with potatoes and kalr salad tonight! I had a ball left from my last batch of the Avant Garde Vegan black pepper crusted seitan roast.

A batch of seitan just out of the steamer. Tonight this will be part of a portobello stroganoff. #vegan #willcooks

I released in production the version 1.79.0 of #Fedilab.

- Android O+ users will be able to customise notification sounds per type.
- The app will automatically remove more UTM parameters when sharing or when clicking.

Some bug fixes.

More : gitlab.com/tom79/mastalab/tags

The last time I saw lines that long for a new store opening downtown was for the government weed dispensary

Tim Horton's sour cream glaze KILLS anything Krispy Kreme has to offer.

It will be :) and it is hard. I have no idea how adults manage to game weekly. Between schedules we can manage AT BEST every other weekend, usually more like every third.

Two Hundred Weeks

About four years ago, I started posting weekly chapters. As of this week, I've been doing that for two hundred consecutive weeks.

I consider this a major milestone for my writing, I've posted a weekly chapter two hundred consecutive times. Five and quarter novels, almost half a million words.

For a long time, I struggled to do anything consistently. More importantly, I never finished projects. This was one major step toward changing that.

Thank you.

#nowplaying The Dollop - The Dolphin

The Dollop with Dave Anthony and Gareth Reynolds: 8 - The Dolphin thedollop.libsyn.com/the-dollo


#podcast #comedy

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