I published #Fedilab 2.14.0

There are two new features:

- Network and creation date are now displayed in profiles.
- You can send an invitation to register an account on your instance quickly (PS, it's an in-app feature that checks if registrations are allowed on your instance).

- It also comes with bug fixes.

I'm toying with GarageBand. Please note that I know basically nothing about music nor can I play any instrument.

But here's my first toying, an old Finnish psalm from 17th century. Yes, there may be mistakes in this, but to my ear it sounds good enough.

So enjoy this little bit of Finnish self-loath, sadness and patheticism!

Using Android with super bad signal, I keep finding that many apps are nothing but a web view for remote content. Fuck that shit. What's the point of making an app huh

New episode of Expedition Sasquatch is up now at expeditionsasquatch.org/2019/0

It'll show up in your RSS feeds over the next hour or two.

There's some really good stuff in this one. The editing is a little rough, but that's mostly my fault.

As always, thanks to @Username_Here_ASAP for voicing everyone's favorite #sasquatch hunter.


:bgft: :bgft: :bgft: :bgft:


Unpopular opinion: you should be as social or unsocial as you want both IRL and OTI

And they can have a sister organization that criticizes strangers' footwear!

anyone got the original :yell: SVG? this is a PNG and I can't supersize it :blobsad:

i think i finally have some good news about my autofocus situation.. after the second time in service, the values are actually in range (+15 instead of >+20) - this time i tuned the af in camera rather than using the sigma dock
the photos are only cropped, nothing else has been applied


There've been studies showing declining support for democracy, especially among younger generations that have no experience living under an authoritarian regime, for some years now.

Google Scholar Foa and Mounk, they've done some interesting papers.

Conclusion: kids these days think dictators are dandy (as long as it's THEIR dictator enforcing THEIR preferences on the rest)

I keep saying that!

But they keep telling "no it's arson"

And then I'm like "that is such bullshit then how am I supposed to get rid of the evidence???"

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