'It's an ancient Greek play! Why do you have a fursuit?'
'It was you who told me I was going to play one of the three furries!'
'The three _Furies_! Furies! Did you really think there were furries in ancient greece?'
'Oh come on, you sent us all those stories about that Zeus dude disguising as animals to have sex, what was I supposed to think?'

Die Verbreitung von Fehlinformation, Hass und Angst bezüglich Covid-19 und anderen Dingen nimmt zu. Diese Instanz soll ein angenehmer Ort sein, Verschwörungsmythen soll hier keine Bühne gegeben werden.

Wir gehen nun etwas strikter vor: betroffene Konten erhalten eine Warnung und mangelnde Kooperation wird zu Konto-Schließungen führen.

Einige Konten können ohne Warnung entfernt werden, wenn sie zu aggressiv handeln.

Wir gehen hierbei so faktenbasiert und fair wie möglich vor.

Kind of a weird one:
Do you know a blonde I think skandinavian guy that might have been running around #ccc events trying to sell people on plan9 with a special focus on name spacing? I talked to him a few years in a row and would like to establish contact.

I started the Kittens Game yesterday, and I'm utterly baffled that now I'm breeding unicorns.


@whami nori is much easier to come by for me!


I generally won't post pics of a recipe beyond the first time I make it unless I've made a lot of revisions or it turned out especially good. But since I'm on a new instance and have some new followers, I'll share last night's dinner. Wham! Chowder - My #vegan take on clam chowder. Shiitake mushrooms give the clam-y texture. I changed the way I'm getting the fishy taste. Instead of kelp powder or dulce flakes, I added a sheet of nori to the blender when I made the cashew cream. #willcooks

@dee As long as it takes the same size lenses, you should be okay?

@dee I feel like this is deliberate. Like, it didn't used to do that

This sleepy beauty was out on our walk today.

Slow worm.

Not a snake 🐍
But a legless lizard.

Carefully returned back to long grass after our wife had checked it over.

Also saw a baby common lizard while picking mushrooms, but that was quick to scarper under cover before a picture.

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