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The best coffee blend is auto shop waiting room coffee.

My wife left me because I wouldn’t stop calling legos “lego movie action figures”

Anybody wanna start a new meme? I have an hour to kill and I always miss it when you weirdos start and kill a meme within an hour.

cool pleroma works much better in portrait orientation than mastodon

Everyone has a camera in their pocket but nobody's taking pictures.

czechs reading german: guessing which czech word it resembles best and bullshiting the meaning from there. usually wrong
Maybe you thought the 1177 scandal was pretty bad. But it was worse. You have no idea. This is an Onion of Bad, with Peter Principle and Dunning-Kruger Effect at each layer.…

Tuppence to the person who gets me a skeleton-wearing-a-cowboy-hat emoji.

> GNU Social is a Communication software for both public and private that could be described as a slightly downgraded version of Twitter.

Twitter is a downgraded version of Twitter. On GNU Social you can party like it's 2012!…
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