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has "automatically expand hidden media"! Yuss! Gonna follow @InspiroBot again!

By the way, let me congratulate you and all the team: what a great piece of software this is! Congratulations! #fedilab

I can't believe #Fedilab has better #Peertube implementation being so recent than the other 2 projects of P2play app and PeerTube app.

The Enterprise theme should have been I'm Like a Bird by Nelly Furtado. Here, look, it's great.

Title sequence (mute/watch):
I'm like a bird (listen):

William Shakespeare's Star Wars:

The Death Star superstructure races past the compass of my grief? O, sweet my mother, you say,--



Mad as the battle station has surely tracked us here. (looking pointedly to Han) It's the only light as he realizes he won't be drafted into the pit and the giant walker.



Didst thou not a Jedi homing beacon?

CAPTAIN TYPHO Be safe, m'lady.

PADMÉ ...and the soft pink planet of the world. In truth, fair Montague, I am sure, I have walk'd about the ship. The ship is on a fallen log.

LEIA (angry) I am your father.

Wow, just had "horny" explained to me. Y'all really feel that way frequently? Seems inconvenient.

I think Breath of the Wild is probably my favorite game, full stop. It’s just so... purely fun? It has flaws, but none that ever make me want to stop, more like hiccups. The story is lacking, but on a second playthrough, it seems much more intentionally light, because it never really stops your momentum.

If not best game overall, it absolutely has the best opening - where you walk out onto the cliff, with the music, and the whole world is just there.... that’s my shit.

Wow! Have you guys heard of "furries?" Pretty wild! The office is not gonna believe this!

Note: qhen replying to someone talking about something potentially controversial in text it's good to say if you agree or disagree up front because so much tone and nuance is located in the readers head, it may seem obvious to it's possible they may completely misread your response

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