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morning, this wee guy was born last night and he is extremely confident

Kurze 5 Minuten Pause im Garten, Vögel unterhalten sich, Hummeln brummen, ZWEI Flugzeuge, DREI Autos, etwas entfernt Baustellengeräusche, es ist ruhig geworden...

I'm down for this. Current WFH setup. Its still a work in progress as the room was only finished about 5 days ago (wall was knocked down, massive old wardrobe removed), but I'm happy to the say the least!


Ok, a lot of people are working from home at the moment, so I thought I'd start a new hashtag - #ShowYourWorkspace

Here's a look at mine - those with a keen eye may see that I'm using Win10. That's because I'm working from home and need to use Webex.

Fish tank provides zen when things get stressful.

Show us yours!

unnecessarily gross 

the whole internet "content" economy, where people regularly output content to be consumed by others, is like that thing where dogs eat other dogs' poop

A piece of mastoadmin wisdom.

When making a Fediverse social engine, and your design suggests that you have to save the data, especially media data, including avatars and headers, from remote servers, please make sure that you:

1) Separate local data and remote data into different directories, storages or whatever. An instance admin is first and foremost responsible for safety of the local users' data. Everything else is secondary.

2) Treat the remote data as a cache. Nuking remote data directory should be no biggie: all of this stuff can be re-downloaded later. Bonus points if you make your system re-download the missing data on demand.

Again, local data does have intrinsic value for your server. Remote cache does not, and should be safely disposable.

#fediverse #mastodev

Are we blocking they blocking us? Was going to boost's offer of cash donations for servers that may have to shut down due to economic emergencies rising from current events, but I can't find him on the network from here

I just checked the letterbox and under the letters was this tiny frog. IIRC its in the Littoria family.

#frog #AustralianWildlife

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