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Content highlights:
- GUI Customization / Shortcuts
- Metronome / Plugin Folders
- Default Routing / Busses
- Templates
- Recording Audio
- Audio Editing Considerations
- Track Automation
- Recording MIDI
- MIDI Editing / Controller Automation
- Rendering MIDI to Audio
- Exporting Final Audio Projects
- Effects Plugins / Exporting Cont.
- Multi MIDI Controllers Demo

S.u.S.E. 4.4.1 could be installed in a /#qemu virtual machine
- had to be installed first
- and were preinstalled, the manual was nearly 500 pages strong
- made configuring and installing a lot easier

Lessons learned:
Six year old already supported a lot of hardware in 1997
Very old techniques like "BIOS", "VGA" und "PS/2 protocol" allowed VM installation
The GUI really hasn't changed that much since then
There were no better operating systems in 1997 :-)

S.u.S.E. 4.4.1 aus dem Jahr 1997 ließ sich in einer virtuellen Maschine mit Hilfe von installieren.

- Dank alter Standards wie PS/2 Protokoll und VGA funktioniert auch die GUI
- das Grundprinzip der GUI hat sich nicht geändert
- Die Installation war kompliziert, stellte aber damals den einfachen Einstieg dar
- und waren vorinstalliert

Just enter some chords and get a band for practicing and improvising?

JJazzLab works on , too.


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