I am an adult. I have no excuse for consistently cheaping out and buying 3-in-1 hair products that are actually killing me. So says the professional at the hair salon. Shame on me.

This week I have been assigned three additional roles at work. It is a big company, and this is an opportunity to leave my mark and make a name for myself. Cooporate life is pretty good some times.

I‘m torn. Part of me feels I should definitely upload an avatar to my profile. It helps it stand out, forms an identity, and frankly, without it my profile looks incomplete.

On the other hand, that elephant is so damn cute, and who am I to assume I could find something better - let alone create it!?

"A superpower? And I can choose any one I like?"
Interviewer: *nodds*
"Okay, I choose the ability to open a roll of tinfoil without ruining it."

Linux has ruined so much tech in my home. RPi‘s, laptops, a TV - and cables. Oh, the cables. All cat food now.

Today marks twelve years since I caught a cold.

I am hoping to get rid of it soon.

You know the saying, "six shots of espresso is not breakfast". There may be some truth to that.

Okay, give it to me straight...

What are the odds that the new APU for laptops will come out as a desktop unit as well?

It seems to fit my needs like a glove.

This question may not make sense, but is there a free and open alternative to ?

I'm looking for something along the lines of that can be streamed from both a desktop application and an open source app available through -- seing as I have no Google services on my phone! 😄

A knife and a fork() walk into a bar walk into a bar.

Do I drink too much coffee? Absolutely not! I drink just enough to be able to hear colors.

After seing reviews on the latest desktop environment I have decided to give it another go.

Historically it has felt unresponsive and buggy, but this iteration of seems solid so far.

Visually stunning, feature rich and low resource consumption. Not too shabby!

For a while I have been working on setting up a rig for two players on one -- it relies heavily on and so far strikes me as an overly complicated solution to a nonexisting problem. But it has been an educational process, and what's more important; it's getting there!

Hi there! 😃

I'm -- have been abstinent from for a few years, and started missing having a place to post about my hobbies.

Any particular rules I should be mindful of on this instance?

Looking forward to meeting you guys.



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