Team lunch @ Thai resto today. What’s your favourite Thai dish?

Currently reading: Artemis - Andy Weir
Current audiobook: A Brief History of Time - Stephen Hawking

Red. Red nail polish. Nothing beats red nail polish. Something dark teal maybe.

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Tired, caught a cold and back at work.


Last day here. Packing bags and cleaning. *meh*

Hilarious. My wife booked a holiday in Roompot Beach Resort. In Kamperland. She said it was in Cadzand. Kamperland - Cadzand is only 180km.

Bottled water needs to be taxed so high that it pays for unlimited drinking tap water supply in every household.

Take away sushi boat deluxe for 2.
42 pieces of deliciousness.

And coffee is only a button push away. In fact, I can see it from where I work.

Upside: I can work from home, the sun is shining.

Took a half day off work to go to a funeral of a friends mom.
Back to work now and so not in the mood for this.

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