Designated OIC tapos aalis din ng bansa?
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As🌀Karding is about to hit 🇵🇭, the Phil. President is in NYC, and the OIC VP is set to fly off to Japan today even while the post of Exec. Sec. is still vacant. So who is running the country? ⁦@FDPascual⁩ ⁦@BoomBuencamino⁩

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The historic territories of the Aboriginal peoples of Australia.

The losses to Australia - and to all mankind - in languages, in intellectual diversity, in indigenous cultural richness, over the last two centuries are heartbreaking.

FYI. Organizers postponed the activity due to inclement weather.

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ANNOUNCEMENT: We regret to inform everyone that the Illuminate, World Car-Free Day ride has been postponed to a latter date due to

We will keep you posted on the rescheduled date of the ride.

Your safety is our utmost concern. Thank you for your understanding

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Got my hand-made gildoughs@birdsite baked treats ! They've reduced the sugar content by 50% from the original recipe, and that means I'll only feel guilty after two donuts! 😅

These are their donut versions of Filipino classics: suman latik, puto bumbong, tablea tsokolate, ube, peach mango, and yema & cheese!😋

Also trying out their new carrot walnut muffin loaf.

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Safety first! Please don't forget these essentials for our ride tomorrow.
See you 4:30PM at the Commission on Human Rights!

Mabuti pa yung tindahan sa kanto, may chilled glass. Standard na pag-order ng serbesa.

Doon sa Italian pizzeria sa kabilang kanto, hihingin mo pa, tapos basong may yelo pa ang ibibigay. 😅

So, you thought it was hard to find a parking space in . Check out these "parking" facilities.

A nice, purple bike. 💜 The owner works for the bank, which is probably why they were allowed to park there.

Wheels are just chained to the frame.

There's no formal bicycle parking facility nearby, or within 200m of this place. 🤐

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Hindi mo ikamamatay ang pagpapakumbaba.

Nakakapangit ng inyong paghuhugas-kamay. Tingnan mo, nakapahamak ka na. 😂✌️

Tama, hindi madaling makalimot. Pero madali namang magbayad ng tamang buwis at magpakita ng katiting na pagsisisi. Mas mabilis gumaling ang sugat pag ginagamot.

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Here are the numbers! From Batasan Hills, QC to San Miguel Ave., Ortigas:

Grab = 1 hour 45 mins = ~P750.00-800.00
Free ride to MRT Station + MRT + walk = 1 hour 15 mins = P13.00
Bike = 50 mins = P0.00


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Getting ready for the Fancy Women Bike Ride!

There is no forest
to bathe directly beneath.
A tree will do. This!

This Sunday, 25th September, 4:30 P.M., there's going to be a critical mass night ride in UP Diliman, to celebrate

For details, see

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10 Years Of MapRoulette (sotm2022)

MapRoulette was first announced at State of the Map US in 2012 as a tool to solve the many errors introduced by the import of TIGER road data in the United States. Since then, MapRoulette has been use #ccc #OpenStreetMap #sotm2022 #Mapping #18519 #2022 #OSM

No, that's not a duck. Nor a whistle.

It's on a perfectly functional access ramp on some street, and supposedly a symbol for accessibility.

I'm squinting really hard.

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