I assume we have lots of linux users on mastodon. Just curious, which distribution do you use?
Please comment, if your distro is not listed.

@gp i was on Arch, but it became boring and wanted distros that have Enterprise counterparts. So i went with opensuse tumbleweed, but the default install is very "complete" and sometimes packages take their time (firefox once took nearly 2 weeks). Then i went to fedora where i currently am. I don't know if i keep fedora. Too soon for that.

But i have thought about giving opensuse tw another run. It is a little bit a love/hate thing. Suse 7.0 was my first distro so it has a place in my head.

@gp Oh, and i use debian a lot, but only on servers.

@erAck @gp

I was just furiously clicking through to make this point. Who only uses one distro :D

@gp On servers mainly debian, on desktops (k)ubuntu.

@gp Ubuntu's not on the list? Or does that fall under Debian?

@gp Manjaro KDE on my Laptop, Debian 11 on my small 24/7 Server, unRaid on my NAS

@gp I mostly use gentoo.

Pros: USE flags
Cons: USE flags, my laptop is crying
- gentoo
- artix
- debian
- soon arch
- ubuntu

do you have multiple choice activated?

@kura did not know there is a function for this?! i know pleroma and misskey can do that, no idea if mastodon is capable of that. anyway you got my list of distros that i run

@gp Pop os, so I guess that counts towards debian.

@gp I don't currently use Linux, but when I do it's usually Mint for the sake of ease.
Great device driver support, great codec support, a lot more things "just work" with Mint, which I appreciate.
I get that the trade off is not all the content is open source but still free as in beer which works for a great many use-cases.

@gp Sorry, but many of us are not on Mastodon! This network is called the #Fediverse an it is as diverse as the hole world of Linux, which has nothing to do with those random 4 Distros you gave us to chosse here.

@wolf i tried to pick the most widely used, sorry about fediverse, but i feel like mastodon citizen 😀

@gp Still deciding which one I should use... I'll probably go for lubuntu.

@gp A loft of Linux users are on #Friendica and #Pleroma - all of them in the #Fediverse. Mastodon is only ONE of different platforms.

@Hiker i feel like mastodon citizen, sorry about that

@gp My preferred GNU/Linux distribution for the moment is Ubuntu. There are other free operating systems to consider as well; I'm booted into OpenBSD as I'm writing this.

@gp no love in this post or thread for Solus. It’s pretty cool how well optimized something can be when you start from the ground up on the Linux Kernel in 2015

@gp voted for Debian - but that's not 100% correct anymore 😉​

WRT use case I prefer VoidLinux (Workstation/Laptop), Alpine (Servers), Devuan (Debian without systemd - Laptop/Servers) - in this order.

OK, there ARE some CentOS/Rocky/Alma and SUSE-VMs somewhere... 🙈​

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