:manjaro: Thank you for changing the MAC address of the WLAN interface after the first reboot. it is funny, if you have MAC address verification configured on your router !☹️ 🤔

Nice post on the wiki to do upgrades in the stable branch:

However, I wonder how do I get rsync on my pmOS CE ?
Not in the repository, single binary download not found.

My is running :manjaro: This is the best Distro booting on it. Since the last update of the beta version even USSD codes work😀👍 For experiments I use a prepaid mobile card and need to request the balance this way. didn't boot and Ubuntu Touch SD image contains 9 partitions which did not work w/o error messages

Die aktuelle Version von findet auf meinem weder die SIM Karte noch den WLAN Chip. Gelöscht und weiter suchen.

Has somebody ordered a with delivery to switzerland ? I couldn't. No shipping option was selectable😯 🤔


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