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Hello, we are @greencapitalismkills
we target companies that make false promise of salvation, claiming to deliver solutions for this , while infact all they do is working towards a continium of , and .

This is bringing delution in times we need solutions countering this crisis

That's why we target .
That's why we will target other companies too.

we support @baumpirat_innen
@hambibleibt (and many others)

The blogpost from @greencapitalismkills about teslas recent destruction close to got deleted from

This one: greencapitalismkills.blackblog

Under another post, that is a hit report against tesla, the question is raised, if that post is left or if it can be canceld.
A translation of that post can be found here:

it's like, comon, accept reality!
green capitalism kills!

[note: the word “target” does not reffer to any specific method, but rather describes a position that is opposing green capitalism. In favor of diversity of tactics, without endorcing manarchists]

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cars of attacked with bitumen

“In the night of February 26th we have coverd at least 12 luxury cars and one company car of Tesla, on their premises in the Essener Straße in the north of Hamburg (Germany) with bitumen. Solidary greetings to the squatters* @baumpirat_innen of the forest in Grünheide.”

hit report and and some analysis about technology:

tesla and a connection to facism 

actually also facism:

" Leading investor of that company is Founders Fund (this investment company funded by , which is also invested in 's companies). And if you wonder if they also develop automated flying drones capable of automate killing, the answer is: Yes."


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tesla will use up to 323.000 liter water, per hour. a water protected area, that is troubeling with drought.

And still the minister of the green party for environmental protection in Brandenburg is supporting , of course.

Remember that they also supported RWE until @hambibleibt got fame (obviously they needed to change their position after, otherwise they would loose a lot public support. remember what they do!)

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seems often to be very hopeless, and in result some might accept anything that portrays itself as a solution to it.

Some solutions might be a continuing of capitalism, extractivism and colonialism.

What created the problem, can't be the solution to solve it. It will reproduce the same climate distruction we're facing today.

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The area were is preparing to build their new factory is in a water protection area.

Environmental protection is the last what tesla cares about.

They're charlatans profiting from this by false promise of salvation. Instead of a systematic change of our transportation systems, they are selling the story of how hyper individualized transportation will safe the world.

What an obvious bullshit, yet so many believe in it, even so called "environmentalists".


both people from @baumpirat_innen, that were occupying yesterday the forest that is destroying, are released from the police station since this morning.

Police did not find out their identity.

Die zwei Menschis sind vor ca. 2 Stunden wieder aus der Gesa. Unerkannt. #besetzten #tesla
Der Kampf geht weiter.

So, wir sind nun auch endlich wieder auf Mastodon zu finden. Sry, dass es hier so lange keinen Content von uns gab sondern nur auf Birdside.
Für alle, die es noch nicht mitbekommen haben: Wir sind heute wieder im Wald bei Grünheide und besetzen Bäume , um gegen den Baum der #gigafactory von #tesla zu protestieren!

Since the night @baumpirat_innen are occupying the forest close to Berlin that is destroying.

"Für ein Leben ohne Ausbeutung und Unterdrückung"

"For a life without exploitation and oppression"

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