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And yet the leaders of tesla such as Elon Musk and politicians are welcoming this destruction as a means to increase economic growth.

Instead of leading a process towards climate justice, they promote the idea of hyper indivdualized transportation, for their personal benefit. Those that will never benefit from such a company, are those effected most by the climate crisis.

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aims to build a new factory near berlin to increase their market shares in building/selling SUV's.They are about to destroy around 153ha forest. In times of climate crisis an ecosystem needed more then ever.

Did you know that is working together ?

That Peter that is also running , that company that is delivering service and resources to states (or anyone paying enough) for mass surveillance.

starting point for your research can be:


It is the second time now this week, that forest got occupied.

you're invited to join!

you will read here, hopefully the latest updates about the current occupation against tesla destruction close to .

Most content will be in english,
some in german, spanish and french.

#tesla doesn't even have a building permit for their factory close to #Berlin

That factory is the reason they destroy now 100ha forst...even while not knowing if they ever gonna use that space.

It's an risky investment, on the cost of nature and everyone that is threatend by the #climatecrisis.

Hello, we are @greencapitalismkills
we target companies that make false promise of salvation, claiming to deliver solutions for this , while infact all they do is working towards a continium of , and .

This is bringing delution in times we need solutions countering this crisis

That's why we target .
That's why we will target other companies too.

we support @baumpirat_innen
@hambibleibt (and many others)


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