AMA about Wayland or the Linux graphics stack, technical or otherwise

(standing offer)

@sir What is so hard about the Linux graphics stack that no major web browser can efficiently use it? FF/Chromium don't have hardware accelerated video, they have on Android, Win, ChromeOS. FF has to copy back rendered WebGL frames before compositing, yielding in bad performance. Still no proper Wayland support for FF. FF webrender consumes more battery power instead of being more efficient. Smaller projects like epiphany or qutebrowser are locked to 60 FPS. Most seem unable to do proper vsync

Browsers are ambling beasts made of flaming garbage, it sure as shit ain't Linux's fault


@sir I'm not saying it is. But they get it somewhat right on other platforms. Without experience, one might conclude that the platform's interfaces makes it harder to work with.

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