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Yesterday I've started my live playthrough of „Trails in the Sky SC“ on . I'll preserve the VODs on at (thanks @koz_ross) and on at

A new episode will be played live every Tuesday on my channel at - and appears the day after on the playlists.

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In case you missed it, #CodiMD (my favourite collaborative tool for Markdown writing and code sharing) has been renamed to #HedgeDoc (with a cute new logo). You can find this beautiful, healthy #FLOSS project on the fediverse: @hedgedoc

One example of how good the team is: I submitted a feature request for a size picker to create tables, and a pull request was submitted... 2 days later: 💚

And you can also find that bunch of helpful people on Matrix.

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Holarse Wochenend-Rückblick 2020-46 #Drückblick - Civilization VI bietet blasphemischen Turmbau, im Kampf gegen Tote Brücken basteln, Updates für mehr als zwei Hände voll, Pioneer, Mindustry, neue Treiber und noch viel mehr!:

My new stream schedule is available now:
The lineup:
- Fell Seal
- World of Warcraft
- Trails in the Sky SC
- A Rite from the Stars
- Pilgrims
- Curious Expedition 2
- Call of Cthulhu

See you on my channel at

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🇬🇧 The #TERREG proposal on ultra-fast removal orders has striking similarities to the unconstitutional French Avia law. A comparative analysis and translation of the French judgement:

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🇬🇧Read a survivor of child sexual abuse speak out AGAINST EU plans for mass surveillance of private communications:

"it WILL NOT stop children from being abused, it will simply push the abuse further underground, make it more and more difficult to detect"

#EUDataP #ePrivacy


Why I DONT support privacy invasive measures to detect child abuse.

#privacy #surveillance #childabuse

I've finished my playthrough of „Trails in the Sky“ on my channel!

You can find the VODs here:
Enjoy watching, !

Next Tuesday I'll start a playthrough of „Trails in the Sky SC“. Don't miss it!

[LIVE] RPGoodness: I continue final chapter of „Trails in the Sky“ now. Join my assault on Grancel Castle!

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