My introduction got more attention on Twitter than on Mastodon, this wasn’t the intention, but well... maybe such an intro was necessary after years being on Twitter :-). I wish you all a nice Sunday evening and I keep on drinking Thymian tea to cure my sore throat :-)

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In Kenya's Slums, Mapping A Path To Less Destruction

"On a chilly morning last month, Maxwell watched in horror as the home in which he was born and had lived for 24 years was bulldozed. Several armed police officers watched too, in case any of the tens of thousands of affected residents in Kibera, one of Kenya’s largest slums, tried to resist."

#slums #poverty #propertyistheft #kenya #kibera #openstreetmap

Dear all, so here I go: I am interested in Geoinformation & , spatial real estate analysis, , and
I co-organize @MaptimeBER & like open source GIS

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Hello (Mastodonte) world, so here I go, my first “toot” :doge: :awesome: :tux: :minecraft: :minecraft_pick:


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