@instajelly Wow, I didn't know there is a tv series on that. Added it to my watch list. Thanks! πŸ˜€

@Tusky this fixed my auth problem with social.tchncs.de. Thanks!

@milan @tusky actually, the recent update of fixed the auth problem with social.tchncs.de πŸŽ‰

We Europeans are a really advanced continent in comparison to others. That's why we sell wiener water: alnatura.de/de-de/alnatura-pro

@milan oops, found it :-) (could be a little bit more prominent though)

@Vavassor Thank you (and all other contributors) for making Tusky! :-)

@gargron Maybe make it adjustable in some kind of advanced settings? Since it's probably impossible to find a solution for all platforms(?).

@milan thank you for providing this great service! I heard it is customary to give :pineapple: as a token of gratitude on . Please, have some :pineapple:

Good morning fresh logged in partypeople, the timelines don't like the past atm - we're not alone with this and it will work soon again. :)

@frankiesaxx @hemonom @milan thanks for the hint! works with my tablet, so probably some android issue.

@frankiesaxx @milan With octodon.social, redirects me to the auth page. With tchncs, it doesn't. It seems to be in issue for first time setup of tusky.

@Alterliner Funktioniert mit social.tchncs.de ? (Bei mir scheitert schon die Anmeldung. Ebenso mastodon.cloud)

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