Despite being free software, Mastodon as a project takes a hardline stance against nazis

The covenant has been added approx. one month ago so that for the first time in Mastodon's history, our project could make "no nazis" a part of our branding.

@gargron to me something like this would be better 'Active moderation against all forms of online harassment and abuse - we want users of this network to be able to talk online without the fear of being harassed or abused by others, as happens on other networks. Specifically we take a definite stand against speech that is racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic or anti semitic, as this is incompatible with the fundamental rights of people in these groups.'


@gargron I.e. put the general principle before the specific examples. To me the primary thing that is important is protecting people from abuse, but then it needs to be made clear that speech that attacks or marginalises whole groups of people will not be allowed because it is incompatible with that idea, and with the rights of people in those groups to express themselves online.

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