I am interested in the idea that the fediverse should be working towards tools for online communication that are not only decentralised and anti monopolistic, but also allow for different social spaces than we have in the mainstream networks? I sometimes find Facehook a really difficult place to be, not only because of the way the algorithm works and the agenda that is coming from the owners but also because the social structure of it seems to encourage excessive groupiness and egoism.

What I mean is that it is a strange kind of hybrid public / private space where people are talking in front of a large but often unknown (on a friend's stream) group of people, yet still having the illusion of a friendly conversation with a few people. I think this creates weird social dynamics where people are more inclined to talk in a way that projects an image they identify with, and less likely to talk about sides of their lives that go against that.

Also I have an idea that it is hostile to people with neurodivergent ways of being in the world. As someone who has a history of getting hurt in social groups and doesn't naturally understand human interaction very well, I find Facehook a difficult and sometimes painful place to be. So there is a way in which the design of the social space includes some groups of people and excludes others?

I would like to see the fediverse and other alternative networks working towards creating online social spaces that move away from the idea that everything has to look like a stream with followers and towards something where there are a variety of different social spaces that might be suitable for different people and different purposes, not just in their content and membership but in their social / technical structure?


An example of what I mean might be that the interface would make it easy to invite people to ad hoc, time limited groups where people would know who they were talking in front of for the duration of the conversation (which could be several days or weeks), and then the conversation would be deleted rather than left on public record. In other words a bit like putting out an invite for some friends to come round to your house for a party. Different conversations might happen in a space like this?

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