@strypey loomio might be good for decisions. For the lists, ticking things off would be useful.

@strypey we are currently using Telegram for that. Something that might be useful is to be able to manage group TODO lists - lists of big and small jobs that members can take on when they have time.

@strypey do you find Loomio useful? We were talking about using it for coordinating tasks in our (fairly small) hackspace at one point but never took it up in the end.

@strypey something that I actually like about Mastodon is that it is non totalist by design in that the federated timeline only shows a view of the whole network from the instance that you have joined.

@nin I have done. Salad vegetables and herbs because they are things which are nice to have fresh and don't need much space.

@strypey you seem to be saying interesting things so maybe you should be oiled?

@alatitude77 about trauma model versus fantasy model could fantasy be an attempt to overcome the effects of trauma that is not recognised if you talk to the wrong person?

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I've just had a bit of a revelation with how to cope with the ongoing mental distress that I struggle with. If I think 'this difficult mental state is really freaking me out, how will I cope with it and when will it ever end', then the whole thing escalates and I feel worse. If I think 'this is *only* the kind of difficult mental state I've experienced before, and I coped with them', then it's a lot easier. Part of the problem is 'psychophobia' - fear of your own mental and emotional processes.

@The_ogier and the people who do get to the top by following these methods then get to reshape the world that we all have to live in according to their fantasies about how life is and what's important.


@GuerillaOntologist @qyliss that's interesting to know. I am getting a new laptop soon, so maybe I will put MX on the old one and sell it on as a web browsing device.

@qyliss I have an old X61s from maybe 10 years ago that I am still using. I recently added some more memory because it was running slowly, and now it is okay for the basic things I do on it - mainly web browsing and email. I am using standard Ubuntu.

@Are0h I have a book by bell hooks on male sexuality, so maybe I could start there. It's good to know some of what I'm saying makes sense to you.

@Are0h that's interesting. Thanks for a good conversation.

@Are0h also I saw a quote by Audre Lordes, 'your silence will not protect you', which seemed interesting.

@Are0h no, but I saw something about how Frantz Fanon was writing about the problem black people face of having their identity defined externally by the dominant society, rather than from within, which seemed relevant. 'Severely mentally ill' is not a fun identity to have forced upon you either.

@Are0h well it might be that I just need to get better at finding people that I can get along with, but then there are also ideas of neurodiversity which is about how our society is not very tolerant of different ways of thinking and relating to the world, so it has a political dimension as well.

@Are0h I have thought about this a bit from my own perspective and my limited knowledge of black culture, and it does seem like a lot of these ideas are fear based rather than anything rational. My own interest is from having suffered for twenty years from what are considered to be severe mental health problems, and thinking that I might have something to learn from black writings because black people and crazy people occupy a similarly marginal position in white society.

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