Well #Signal is baking their own crypto now. 😤

How will the techbros & #elonmusk explain, that this wasn't a #ponzi scheme. 'jUsT uSe sIgNal' the non-profit, one time soulution to WhatsApp.


The soultion is #federated protocols, dontating to projects to help reach feature/privacy parity with centralized ones. NOT shifting to another centralized silo - that will inevetiably fail in a free market.


@polarhive Frankly, if privacy is your primary concern, Signal is *still* a much better solution than Matrix.

@hothobbit @bpepple
Because a random person on the net said so apparently.

Privacy completely depends on the usecase. Matrix, Signal or even Facebook could be more private depending on who's using it, for what and under what threat model

@hothobbit Encryption is the default w/ Signal, where with Matrix it's opt-in.

I'm not sure if this is still true (tho it was at least two months ago), Matrix has had issues with group chats giving the dreaded "Unable to decrypt: The sender's device has not sent us the keys for this message.", due to the it's federated nature.

New features are looked at from a security point of view before being added to Signal (for instance url links, etc), which isn't the case with Matrix...

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