Behold, our masterbuilder and moderator Elvas just finished overhauling our beautiful Spawnpoint and made it even fancier. ✨

Explore it today at

@illunaminetest @milan This does look nice indeed! But this does not look like stock minetest to me! ;)

@sindastra "stock-minetest" is a base for you to add mods :)
the default game is pretty minimal, less like minecraft, minetest is designed for being enhanced by 3rd party plugins (mods) @illunaminetest

@milan I'd like to hop on but I'm on Mac and there are no binary builds for Mac... :c @illunaminetest

@sindastra ah, there actually are homebrew and a thread with builds linked here i just saw: @illunaminetest

@milan I refuse to use Homebrew as it requires modifying permission of a system directory in such a way that anything could add or replace binaries... Do you know of another way? 🤔 @illunaminetest

@illunaminetest My kids and I explored this a few weeks ago and were amazed, keep up the great work!

@moparisthebest thanks, happy to read that you've enjoyed your stay - and looking forward to see you ingame again! 🎉

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