Question, Fedi:

Was Invidious the first ever alternative front-end project?
A lot of alternative front-end projects say on their Git pages that they were inspired by the Invidious [and Nitter] project(s)! 😇



@frankie HookTube was the "real" first, however it did things using the official YouTube API, which made it so it was C&D by Google (unlike all the current frontends, that legally, can't be C&D)

Invidious is the first frontend that used scraping, and the first ( I think Nitter was second but I'm not sure, so it maybe was first) to move from scraping to using an internal API to speed things up.


I am curious, why is Invidious safe from cease and desist? Is it because no one is agreeing to YouTube's terms or is it because the videos is not "stored" anywhere?


@ashwinvis @frankie Hooktube to function had to agree to the TOS of the youtube API, they, obviously didn't respect them, so they were legally shutdown.

An Invidious instance to work doesn't have to agree to anything, it's just acting like a web browser, so legally, it's not really different than web browsers.

The project itself is FOSS with no reason to be taken down (and if it ever get taken down from GitHub we'll move anyway).


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