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This depdens on the fact why the MIT uses this sort of "detection".

Technically it *is* different from a normal window. As I said - the HTML5 local storage functions will not work by using the private mode. This is a fact.

@jaltek @matt @jkb the technical explanation makes sense, but really an organisation of size/reputation of MIT *should* be transparent about why they have done this (maybe simply to cache images?)

That it doesn't occur in UK immediately post GDPR makes me more suspicious.

The again the IEEE website insists on trying to deliver full page ads (that Ublock Origin at least keeps at bay..)


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There is nothing special about it. As the local storage is (hence the name) "local" you are able to see - like cookies - which data the MIT is saving inside.

@vfrmedia @matt @jkb

So if you accepted to use cookies you accepted to use the local storage which is nothing more than a key-value storage.

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