@norbert Hmmmm. Wonder whether this is good or bad. Remember the days back when I was using SuSE 5.something; they made quite an economic up-and-down ever since. :|

@z428 @norbert
Can someone tell me what suse is "known for"? I can find something special about most distributions, e. g. Debian (very stable), Arch (configurable, bleeding edge), ubuntu (easy for beginners) etc. but not for suse..


@z428 @Maltimore @norbert
SUSE is a very big at the business sector (SUSE Enterprise Linux - SLE) like Red Hat etc. They are one of the major platform e.g. for SAP Applications AFAIK.


openSUSE is sponsored by SUSE and it was meant to facilitate the migration from Windows in the early days - not only because their powerful tools e.g. YAST (de.wikipedia.org/wiki/YaST).

@jaltek @Maltimore @norbert Yeah, whenever I deal with "enterprise" or "proprietary" software that runs Linux these days, I usually see them supporting RedHat Enterprise Linux and SuSE Linux Enterprise Server. The workstation variant was pretty straightforward to use *back then* but I'd say compared to other mainstream distributions these days, there aren't as many reasons to choose SuSE anymore as in the late 1990s. :)

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