@norbert@tretkowski.de Hmmmm. Wonder whether this is good or bad. Remember the days back when I was using SuSE 5.something; they made quite an economic up-and-down ever since. :|

@z428 @norbert
Can someone tell me what suse is "known for"? I can find something special about most distributions, e. g. Debian (very stable), Arch (configurable, bleeding edge), ubuntu (easy for beginners) etc. but not for suse..

@Maltimore @norbert@tretkowski.de Personal memory: SuSE is a rather "old" distribution that started out as a vendor of "boxed" solutions in Germany (loads of install / software CDs all along with mostly excellent documentation) and provided a load of custom installation / configuration routines such as the YaST tool. At some point, their SuSE Linux Enterprise Server still seems of some relevance, I don't know about the rest of their portfolio...

@z428 @norbert
Ok, so that's what I thought.. it's mostly for legacy reasons that it's still a thing, but it's lacking some killer feature why a new linux person would want it


@Maltimore @z428 @norbert@tretkowski.de

Oh, well I'm using the openSUSE Tumbleweed as I like an Rolling-Release distribution wich is Open-QA tested en.opensuse.org/Portal:Tumblew as well as the Build Service OBS (openbuildservice.org/).

So for me SUSE has the same rights to existst for me as other distributions.

This is just a matter of taste and diversity is always good.

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