Hi. This is my new account. In time I might use it more and more.

In particular I am interested in meeting people in Europe that share an interest in building a better life for ourselves and for our families.

@jarrodu Australia, but from a smaller city that is quiet rural :)I haven't been to Portland... US cities that I have been to so far is mainly around the coasts like New York, SF, Miami, LA.

I was in Canada for almost two years also, which was nice.

Where in Spain are you planning?

Going to Paris from 1 September is very nice - still good weather, maybe a drop in tourists and businesses are probably back from their own summer holidays.

@hcs I am thinking I would fly into Barcelona and then head to the north and northwest coasts. If I only go for a week then I will probably just stay in Barcelona for the whole time. I like exploring new cities on foot.

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