After just 18 hours on Mastodon I am already starting to feel at home.

Thanks for the warm welcome and friendly conversations.

Hi @lutzhuehnken

How do you like Mastodon? I am liking it a lot so far. I have only been around a day though.

I have already made a few friends. A few in Germany and on in France.

@hcs I am thinking I would fly into Barcelona and then head to the north and northwest coasts. If I only go for a week then I will probably just stay in Barcelona for the whole time. I like exploring new cities on foot.

@vilbi I really like the city. Hamburg actually remind me of it. That is one of the reason I feel so comfortable here.

Did you stay long?
And was that visit in 2001? 😱

@vilbi Yup. I have been living in Germany for a couple years now. I am originally from Portland, Oregon.

Hi. This is my new account. In time I might use it more and more.

In particular I am interested in meeting people in Europe that share an interest in building a better life for ourselves and for our families.


One of the first Mastodon instances, there is no specific topic we're into, just enjoy your time!