Passing through Liverpool City Centre on a hot summers Saturday afternoon and it's pretty intense. Like a neon Hogarth image viewed through clouds of penny sweet smelling vape smoke.

Don't claim to like 90s American Ska Punk if you can't name this band.

Don't claim to be a Thrashcore fan if you can't name this band.

A British person shouldering their way through a crowd to get to the mosh pit:
"Pardon me. Excuse me. Can I just squeeze past, please. Thank you. Cheers. 'Scuse me. Sorry, can I just... thank you very much. Lovely. Thanks. Pardon me. Ta very much. Nice. BLEAAAAAGH!"

By age 40 you should have forgotten all the unrealistic goals you stupidly set yourself for 30, and just started living your life as best you can.

Creative people, have you ever turned down a paying gig (or gigs) on purely moral grounds?

Question for comics people self-publishing at the moment:
What's the best way for letting people pre-order a book you're putting out without using a crowdfunding platform?
Especially interested in hearing from people who are doing this right now, or have done it recently.

Absolutely made up with the little Around & About walking map of the area we're staying in. They're such useful, portable, lovely little things. Definitely going to be ordering more for all sorts of places.

I can't remember who said it, and I can't remember if I read it, or heard it on the radio, but someone (a writer) said that they don't enjoy writing, they enjoy having written. The bit where you think about the thing you wrote and feel good about it, and like you did a decent job

One of the kids has suddenly, from almost being asleep, had a burning urge to discuss what they might dress up as for Halloween.
"It's not important to talk about THAT right now, son."
"You want me to leave it until the last minute, AS USUAL???"

Long threads on Twitter whose first tweet does not make it sufficiently clear what the rest of the thread will be about, therefore not making anyone interested enough to read on 🧵

Did a really boring Liverpool band family tree convo to connect my teenage band to the band I went to see tonight but, in my defence, it was 100% accurate.

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