All the extra sit-com characters, appearing one by one out of the background.

If you are a parent who's worried about your kids seeing depictions of same sex couples in school books, you are a bad parent. It is no different to your kids seeing depictions of mixed race couples, or fat couples, or skinny couples, or wheelchair user couples. It's just people.

Attention: there's a peanut butter gif.

There are two types of UK comics creator:
Those willing to join me in my love of the Marmite peanut butter, and cowards.

Seeing as I'm at Alton Towers today, and currently in the queue for The Wicker man, I may as well re-share this:

Did you know you can help support and I (and help us have less stuff in our house) by buying books DIRECTLY from us? Well, you can.

Aeromancy is divination conducted by interpreting atmospheric conditions and weather.

I've accidentally ended up having some very interesting zombie related chat on here this morning. Remember when zombies made a massive come-back in the early / mid 2000s? I was very much there for that. So, I might do a bit of a zombie thread...

Happy birthday to the story telling man machine that is Have a fantastic day, mate.

I am sick of my kids watching endless Minecraft videos and fishing videos on YouTube.

Please let me know your favourite / recommended YouTube channels for kids aged 7-9 (so, say 5-10).

They love Minecraft, Lego, science, nature, dinosaurs, and (for some reason) fishing.


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