Shout out to everyone whose kids are only just about now asleep, and whose evenings consist of an hour of telly before you pass out.

A bit of foraging. Dryad's Saddle AKA Pheasant's Back, and Branching Oyster mushrooms 🍄

I see my follower count is approaching critical mass once again. As soon as I get near 7k I usually say something which inspires a mass unfollowing. Stay tuned.

My kids playing in VR: Oh wow, look we can watch the same videos we always watch but on a virtual TV.
Me: Don't do that. It's ridiculous.
Also me, looking in app store: Oh wow, you can get a virtual desktop linked to your PC.

I'm dissapointed in everyone about the Batman stuff. About every aspect of it.

Review: AK84S wireless aluminium (currently $69 on

I'm in a pub drinking a pint, waiting for my kids to finish at cubs after being in school all day. I've been to two supermarkets. And now I learn that "Freedom Day" has been delayed. How will we cope? When will we be allowed to do normal stuff again???

Really, really sad to hear of the passing of
A supremely talented artist with so much enthusiasm for his work, and lovely, lovely man. Had the pleasure of working with him a couple of times and he was brilliant.

This morning I thought "it would be nice if, instead of just a couple of photos for a thing, I made a little gif instead" and now it's gone 1pm.

Never ever watch GB News. Never post a video clip from GB news. Never quote a Tweet from GB News. Ignore GB News completely, except to say that GB News is, inevitably, absolute bigoted gammon shite.

We photoshopped the picture of Johnson so he looks fatter. Because he would be worse if he was fatter. Never mind all the deaths and all that. Imagine if he was fatter. Make you think.

The weird thing about the Writers vs Artists thing is that so many people try to explain exactly how comics works, and none of them ever describe the same thing. Almost as if it's different for everyone...

Today is and, incredibly, this you could walk into a record shop and buy an album that has my name on the cover. Which blows my mind a bit.

All the writers will be late to the artists vs writers fight, causing it to be be delayed. But it's the artists who'll get the blame.

If you like free keyboards and keyboard stuff then are running a big giveaway

Made the rookie mistake of asking "What's going on with all the hateful comments here? Why are people so keen to make themselves look awful?" on a Facebook post.

‘Can this be the Chapel Green, Lord?’ said the gentle knight.
‘Here the Devil might say, I ween, his matins about midnight!’

Ludchurch, Staffs (pictured); the Green Chapel? & I are adapting Sir Gawain and the Green Knight

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