I heard you can disable replies on your Tweets now. What does everyone think about that? 🤔

Just signed a contract to do a really fun one-off two-pager with @pauljholden@twitter.com. 👍

The sky is stuttering with lightning. Thunder rumbling in the distance. Storm coming.

Me: Ha, this twitter joke is funny.
*reads replies*
Me: Oh, I'm sad again now.

Imagine if an Ice-cream Van, but pints of Guinness instead of ice-cream.

This is an interesting piece from @DailyGrail@twitter.com - Ancient Cup and Ring stone carvings, who made them, and why? dailygrail.com/2020/08/ancient

It says Heckington, but we all know it's a Tweet direct from Sandford.
"For the greater good."

Does anyone else feel like when they walk over the 🔺or🔻signs on the floor in the supermarket that they're going to get a speed boost in that direction?

Hot take: Mina Harker is DELIBERATELY the hero of Dracula. She only almost doesn't succeed in defeating the Count thanks to Van Helsing, who represents the Patriarchy. Stoker did all that on purpose.

You meet your eighteen year old self. What three words would you sa-- LOOK OUT! THEY'VE GOT A GUN! RUN!
Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit. They're coming. Shit.
We were too late. We're too late!

Outras Historias de Sherlock Holmes
30% de desconto

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