Visited the Garstang Museum for the first time in my life today. Saw the Garstang Mummy.

Took the kids to's Funny Looking Kids today and they had a fantastic time. As did I. Particularly enjoyed the spine chilling work of

Legend says that when Edmund the Martyr, King of East Anglia and first patron saint of England, was murdered by Northlanders in the 9th century, a great wolf guarded his severed head until it could be found and reunited with his body.

Anne Ravenhall is just trying to get through her exams at boarding school - until a mysterious aunt leaves her a mysterious locket.

I worry that I've not been annoying all my followers going on about enough recently. Check the hashtag for loads of lovely reviews. British magical girls in a by & I

Sometimes I do these mixes on Mixcloud. If you like old British TV shows about the supernatural and a bit of post-rock, metal, and stuff, you might enjoy it. I don't know. Whatever.

A very happy birthday to the super talented, and super lovely

Look, I'm never off the bloody Internet so I don't get how I missed it, but I have no clue what the Shaggy from Scooby Doo memes are all about.

Weeks and weeks of notes and conversations finally coalescing into some pitch shaped stuff today. Things starting to come together at last.

Writing linear notes for the gate-fold sleeve of an album project I'm VERY excited to be part of. Get ready to be fed up of me going on about it very soon.

Re: writers and writing advice. I'm always interested (okay, not always...) to learn how others do what they do. There are often things you can take from it. It's when people tell you "a true writer does this" or "you can't be a writer unless you do this" that it becomes rubbish.

I think part of the reason writers end up offering loads of advice about writing is that they see all they other advice other writers offer and disagree with it. Also, we're all just avoiding doing work.

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