Our 8 year old twins just came in from school and spontaneously started playing chess with each other.
I don't know what's going on.

Project Fear is trending.
And people use the phrase to mean whatever they want.
So it's a wonderfully incoherent trend.
The curse that Social Media has given us is repurposing buzz words to mean the exact opposite, or indeed something completely different.
Project fear.

The nicest thing about being veggie now, is that when I eat a sausage, or a sausage roll, or a hotdog, or a pie, and there is little rogue bit in there that's extra chewy or a bit harder than the rest, I don't immediately want to throw up. I just think "oh, a big piece of onion".

“We can hear the drumming hooves of the Wild Hunt coming over the brow of the hill. That screaming pack of spectral hounds, of spirits and fairies, and witches. They come for us. For our blood. For our very souls. We are not out of the woods yet”
"Thank you, Prime Minister."

Imagine giving @SimonBowland@twitter.com shit.
Literally one of the nicest, hardest working, most treasured UK comics folk.

Today would have been my uncle's 66th birthday if it weren't for Covid-19.
Everyone who goes on about high survival rates, "its just flu", etc, is doing their very best to ignore the fact that people who would otherwise be alive today, are not because of it.

Twist me and turn me and show me the elf.
I look in the mirror and I see myself.

The Queens Gambit has a weirdly Series of Unfortunate Events vibe about it. Not that that's bad.

Well, it looks like I'm actually going to get my hands on a for a little while.
Can't wait.
Thanks so much @Astrohaus@twitter.com!

Thirty days from today is 18th December – the last Friday before Christmas Day.

I went to the barbers...
I say, I went to the barbers, right?
And I asked for...
Wait for it...
I asked for a Snyder Cut.
Are you ready...?
He said "are you happy?"
I said...
I said "it's a lot longer than I wanted it".

What isn't this specific viral question asking format, but feels like this specific viral question asking format?

I'll start: all other viral question based formats.

14th century verse. 14th century verse. It's all I'm thinking about.
Me and @M_D_Penman@twitter.com getting (late) medieval.

More than one person has already pitched and written a story / script in which someone deliberately sets out to infect grotesque Right Wing family members with a deadly virus at their 2020 Thanks Giving dinner.

Recent Government guidance in the UK has suggested that people open their windows from time to time to ensure a bit of fresh air gets in and stale air gets out. The mildest, bit of advice, you'd think...

Remember when films would have a pseudo rap track featuring dialogue samples from the film over the end credits?

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