Noel Edmonds is trending. Click on the words Noel Edmonds. Loads of porn inexplicably tagged Noel Edmonds. What is wrong with you, Twitter?

If we're doing and stuff for , I should probably mention Liverpool's own Joseph Williamson AKA "the Mole of Edge Hill" (thread)

On a Liverpool street corner stands an old sandstone well. A flowerbed before it hides ancient stone steps beneath its soil. The Monk's Well - a C15th Holy spring - bears a sinister inscription: "He who here does nought bestow, The Devil laughs at him below."

The Extinction Rebellion protests are too much like a background thread in an 80s sci-fi film. External scene. Angry crowds hold signs saying The End is Nigh. Cut to plush interior. Sharply dressed politician pours 2 drinks.
"Can't we do something about all that?"
"Why would we?"

Long ago a pregnant sow escaped butchery in Hampstead, fleeing into the sewers below. Nourished on refuse, her hoglets interbred, each generation growing more monstrous and ferocious. Only the constant flow of the subterranean river Fleet prevents their escape.

Out Now: #295 - Music Special - featuring a story by and

I've just, for the first time ever, had Twitter deja-vu. Where a row of Tweets I definitely hadn't already read looked too familiar.

Sign up for my monthly apology newsletter, in which I just send you a message every four weeks saying that I'm sorry I haven't got time to write a newsletter. Possibly expanding into an apology podcast soon.

Just found a wonderfully type quote from a Victorian newspaper for the mini article to go with next week's comic from and I.
If you can't wait to read it, you can become a supporter at

Dear why don't you want me to go to bed?

Ru Paul's Drag Race UK. This is the relaxing, yet exciting TV I have been looking for. Like Bake-off, but much more bitchy. Like the Apprentice, but if you didn't hate everyone in it.

It's this weekend. Sorry and I can't be there, but hope everyone has a fantastic time!

Word Up! have teamed with storytelling legend to curate a night of creativity ripe for sharing, in spoken word, storytelling, comedy, poetry and song.
I have the pleasure of being the first guest on Friday October 25th, 7.30-9.30pm. Tickets are £10 each.

It's October. Are you in the market for some spooky and comics? Because & I have written a few... (thread)

Deep Fake. Deep Fake. Deep Fake. Hearing more and more about it, but not necessarily seeing more. Why? Well, when some video evidence emerges against Trump... Deep Fake. Fake News. We'll be looking right at it, and he can say it's not him.

It's Friday. Is that good news? Not sure. Nevertheless, it's Friday.

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