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Full list of pre-order links for (by & I) can be found on the site Magical Girl action fantasy fun for all the family.

THE COMPLETE DRACULA by & myself is an adaptation with extra material (including DRACULA'S GUEST) from Stoker's own notes. Think of it as a Director's Cut, but a comic

Interview with via

New Followers (and faithful old followers), if you're enjoying my writing, please check out - a book which I edited featuring essays from people like and (to name but a few)

Speaking of homunculi (homunculuses?), here's how the Alchemical marvel became a 21st century YouTube trend via

RE: that last RT: here's a little piece I wrote back in 2014 about a giant salamader being spotted walking in a park in Japan, and about the festival that's held in honour of the creatures

The Daughters of Lilith: Witches, Sexuality and Power new from me for

It's official: and I will be at in September. See you there!

I have just rediscovered a C.H.I.P 1.0 micro computer which I bought back in 2015 (one of these - sort of like a Raspberry PI). Forgot all about it. It turns out the company who made them went under a while back. Are these now sought after? Cost me $9+P&P!

I'm not watching it. Not even vaguely following it. But I think Israel have won, right?

Wait, wait, WAIT! I just heard on a(n old) episode of that people are wrong when they say that the colours of salt & vinegar and cheese & onion crisps used to be the other way round. No! They absolutely DID used to be the other way. Didn't they?

New Predator trailer looks like a fan-made mash-up of the new series of Stranger Things, Predator 2, and Gremlins.

Couple of events I'll definitely be at this year (because I just booked my travel and accommodation)...

The Met Gala is some kind of Illuminati prom thing, right?

Lovely review for SHERLOCK HOLMES - VANISHING MAN 1 "Moore & Reppion's Holmes stories are always a delight, but they were paired up with a solid artist in [...]This has the potential to be Moore and Reppion's best Holmes story yet."

Welcome back to your working week, UK. You now have four days to do five days work. Go.

In Cities, Wildlife Evolves Astonishingly Fast via

Today in history: The Great Detective and Professor Moriarty took a tumble off the Reichenbach Falls, in The Final Problem.