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Hey Mastodon chums. A lot of what I post here is auto cross posts from *ahem* elsewhere, but I'm glad to see things seem to be gathering speed on here. How many of you are here "full time" now?

It's - what are some of your favourite supernatural, , and weird photos? The ones that really spooked you and stuck with you?

Accidentally over spooked the kids by telling them a truncated version of There Was a Man Who Dwelt by a Churchyard before bed.

Vanishing Man #4 review from “Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.” Has never been on greater display here. An awesome issue that wraps up this tale nicely.

Don't want to shock anyone but I've woke up to the news that, according to a brand new article, H. P. Lovecraft was a racist. Hard to know what to do with that bombshell.

The legend that is Andrew Sumner discusses - the HUGE UK comics cross-over event that Alan Moore,,, Shane Oakley, Todd Klein,,, George Freeman, and myself worked on for (starts 18 mins in)

Final issue of Vanishing Man (#4) is out today.

Because it's the climax of a Sherlock mystery though, all the previews (and reviews) are really spoilery.

So be careful out there!

Trade coming in December.

Off to get grilled on Mike Livesley's Livo Lounge with this evening. Nice excuse to head to Lark Lane after my tea

So was the closest I've even been to an 80s thrash gig. Circle pit. Stage diving. The works.

Off to Manchester to see and drink giant pints with

Dear people pro burqa ban "because women are forced to wear them":
1) many women *choose* to do so 2) women are forced to dress certain ways for all sorts of reasons. Controlling partners may, for instance, insist women dress a certain way. Are you for a trouser ban? Jumper ban?

So, what kind of music are you into?