I was knackered, on my way to bed, but then I accidentally came downstairs and did some more work instead.

I just donated to @Wikipedia@twitter.com. Because I am a writer, and I definitely need Wikipedia. It's what the internet was invented for donate.wikimedia.org/?utm_medi

Dear readers,
this is a little reminder that we love you and we are so grateful for you buying and reading our comics and books.
Could you please take a minute or two out of your busy day to rate (and review if you can) on Amazon, or Goodreads?
Thank you. x

Boas notícias para nossos amigos no Brasil:
Nossos dois primeiros mistérios de estão agora disponíveis em português como parte desta bela edição de @EditoraPixel@twitter.com ediouro.com.br/livro/outras-hi

bbc.co.uk/neBBC News - Miniature fairy buildings spread magic on Isle of Manws/world-europe-isle-of-man-46155597

Horror folk:
I've literally just realised that I make an automatic distinction between Were-Wolves and Wolf-Men.
Were-Wolves are more wolf than man (sometimes, fully a wolf or a version thereof), but Wolf-Men are more man than wolf (sometimes resulting in a primitive man look)

Thank you very, very much for all the lovely birthday messages, everyone.

The very best present you could possibly get me is to buy *yourself* (and everyone you love) a copy of and make sure you rate and review it on amazon, etc. 👍 moorereppion.com/COR

Great News for all you Alt Right kids:
Next month is
Yes, hold your breath for the entire month.
Who says you can't? Who says you shouldn't? They're trying to trick you! To get you to rid yourself of all your precious CO2!
Hold it in, kids. Hold. It. In.

Oh... I suppose I'm not going to go and see Michael Graves play again next year then... :(

Twitter chums, who are the people on here - the reviewers, websites, bloggers, publications, podcasts - who you think I should be talking to about ?
Who really loves beautifully drawn, family friendly, Middle Grade GNs about teenagers and magic?

Evenings are now all about @sabrinanetflix@twitter.com

You might enjoy Twitter but if you really want to know which members of your extended family would like to see the Death Penalty reinstated, you need to join Facebook.

It's been a couple of days since I mentioned , a by @SallyThompson@twitter.com @leahmoore@twitter.com and I.
People like @neilhimself@twitter.com & @mrmarkmillar@twitter.com have said very nice things about it, as have sites like @ComicBook@twitter.com & @sljournal@twitter.com.

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