Are there any writers here who use Patreon? I'm up for suggestions on how best to utilise the platform as a writer

@josephglass I do. But I don't do a very good job of it to be honest. Running it as a bit of an experiment until the new year.

@johnreppion Planning to start in the new year myself. I really can't think of what I, as a writer, can offer as a reward to patrons. Best I can think of is an exclusive newsletter for all patrons?

@josephglass I do an essay a month, plus "behind the scenes" notes thereon. I guarantee that the essays will not be published elsewhere for at least 30 days. I think I've got about 30 patrons.


@josephglass it was as much to force me to write a Fortean essay a month as anything. It's good when I have the time and headspace but I've been late a few times and haven't put as much into it as I intended.

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