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In town for a bit of Wednesday evening thrash with Any rumours that they're hungover are LIES. They're professionals. 100% professionals.

In the old days people used to stay cool by not having caused the earth's temperature to rise through centuries of ecological destruction. So maybe try that. Or a wet flannel on the back of the neck.

On the one hand I'm very pro everyone discovering Master of Puppets via Stranger Things but, on the other, it was weird to hear it blasting as a group of scally kids played on a bouncy castle as I rode past just now.

It's not hot, but my mum's smoke alarms are going off because they've overheated. More like woke alarms, am I right? We never had all this palaver back in '76. I blame the pronouns. Etc. Anyway, off I go to cool down some smoke alarms.

Almost everyone with radical ideas about copyright law should be reformed doesn't hold the copyright to anything, and thinks anyone who does is a billionaire who has had quite enough money already, thank you very much.

Solidarity with everyone else who has got too hot, attempted a bit of a trim, then just shaved their whole beard off.

Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles
Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles
Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles
Heroes in a half-shell
(Turtle Power)

Here is a *really* boring Tweet:
In this time of absolute hate for artificial grass, please spare a thought for the elderly and disabled people who have chosen to have it as an alternative to concrete, because they can't mow a lawn. Artificial grass doesn't = evil person.

Two out of three kids occupied doing stop-motion animation with toys and the .
A nice way to keep them busy and in the shade.

Dear people without kids: if you ever hear a person explaining to a child that something won't be possible, don't take that as an invitation to explain how it could be achieved. We know. We were trying to avoid doing it. For a myriad of reasons. Please mind your own business.

Me to my nephew (who is in his 20s): "Apparently, its supposed to hit 40 degrees next week, but I don't understand that, because its not in Celsius."
Him: "No... 40 degrees Fahrenheit is like almost freezing point, so they do mean Celsius."
Me: "Oh. Shit."

Still too many acronyms on Twitter. Acronyms and celebrity names that sound made up.

The stuff seems to really be dividing opinions amongst a lot of writers and creators. For my part, I think it's a fantastic resource which I've used for research many, many times. I do not believe it has negatively effected sales of my own books or my earnings.

Dig through the ditches and burn through the witches and let's have a game of

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