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Fixed it! It was not running correctly with PHP7.0. So downgrade for this site back to 5.6.
But strangely there were no logs with errors. Even with dev modules.

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I would like to try to fork or extend mastalab to support friendica API.
What do you think ? :)
There is no really usable friendica app.

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Whats the best way to share a toot into another network blike ? I shared my own toot with a friendica account but that shouldn't the way to do so, right?
I used hashtags. Are visible in other networks too?

Does anyone has experience in debugging (version 7) with ?
I'm running into a strange issue after upgrading to PHP7.0 (Or maybe just a correlation). Some items disapear after saving a reservation. Other works. Nothing in the logs. Event nothing in debug logs.
Would be nice to close fullscreen image like in twitter with a gesture or the close button at the buttom (easier to use for larger displays) :) But I really like Matalab! Better than every friendica or diaspora App at this moment!

@nickname du kannst übrigens ausstellen, dass du mit meinen replies voll gespammt wirst :p

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Vielleicht brauche ich auch eine "Tolle Fotos von mir"-Gruppe wie @nickname und @Lotta


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