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btw if any one wants high res versions of my photos or even raws just dm me

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"Hey Jookia, when's the next DOS programming stream?"

For the past month I've been reading schematics, reference manuals, driver code, Git histories, and writing kernel patches.

A DOS stream is overdue, but before that happens I need to write something that doesn't require constantly rebooting my development machine.

Should I delete my Mastodon

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yeah i got A+ because i'm not going to disable 128 bit ciphers and contribute more to climate change

time to check my website in ssl labs and see if it yells at me for not disabling 256bit ciphers

It's kind of awkward when someone you're following boosts someone's post arguing against you in a thread

junk about porn 

junk about porn 

I'm mildly annoyed that Pixelfed keeps logging me out because I use Tor

So today I reinstalled my web server and set it up with Debian, nginx, php7.3, AppArmor, Let's Encrypt, SSH, etc.

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non-functional programming should be called dysfunctional

oh my god its like 30 degrees and i'm trying to fix computers

ok so it looks like it wasn't freebsd died but this MMC

tbh i'm not sure any more if i'm really far left any more maybe just normal left

Ok so my shitty FreeBSD port has finally died on my Lime2 server. Guess it's time to install Debian on it.

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dont check, does shrek have eyebrows?

when making hotdogs, add cheese before or after adding sauce

I need some youtube videos to watch while I shove food in my mouth but they also can't require thinking about anything because i just woke up

When you gotta pee bad but you're in the middle of a Quake tournament with 5 minutes left on the clock

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free speech advocate: i should be able to say whatever i want!!
free speech advocate: *signs an NDA*
me: so that limitation of speech is fine!? :blobcatgoogly:

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