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question for readers 

i just realized that i posted a 20 toot long thread that almost nobody cares about. it's CWed so hopefully people can skip over it but i feel like i should get another account or something instead of filling up feeds. what do you think?

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hard bitter truths of life 

you have people around you that will forgive you and love you no matter how far gone you are


More and more convinced that the only way to improve accessibility of the web is to have laws.

Laws written by accessibility experts in force in every country.

GDPR, but done right.

btw, don't blame me if you copy this and burn down your house or whatever.

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Here's a dumb hack I did that seemed to help a thing:

I was getting some real bad coil whine from my graphics card, some people online suggested psu ripple would aggravate it. So, I lopped off the daisy chain connectors for my pci-e power connecters and added some filter caps in their place.It seems to have helped.

accessibility gripe 

the joke is that developers don't care about supporting small demographics even if it means excluding disabled people

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accessibility gripe 

me: please make your software work with orca and nvda
them: we only support firefox, edge and chrome

Fixed bitmap mode!! Here is the 50% gray stipple pattern With registration block in the upper left-hand corner of the screen. I haven't tried it yet, but I believe this fix will also affect Text mode as well.

#vdcII #vdc2 #fpga

Got a pretty abusive mail complaining that gnome's no-reversisms clause in the CoC means white people need not apply.

Yes, the intent is that people with that bigoted way of thinking will not try to get into the project. The CoC is working.

chewing gum, environment 

I use to chew a lot of gum so I wouldn't chew my fingers but I learned that most gum base let alone packaging isn't biodegradable. So that's why I don't chew gum any more.

positive mental health 

actually super surprised my electronics spree yesterday ended up working


oh right people use desktop environments and don't treat their distro as just a package set

content warnings 

i also really hate 'adjacent' since it means nothing to me and gives me no warning of the actual content of the post

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content warnings 

i really wish people wouldn't abbreviate content warnings. just write what it is in full words so i don't have to guess

podcast about call out culture, metoo etc 

doodled this while listening to wastefellows chat about #metoo, call out culture & locker room talk

Agree to the bit about how corporate social media platforms make the process of sharing trauma and seeking closure much more obtuse or painful for the victim. Also, how they flat line different kinds of harassment.

I agree that call out is more about visibility than justice

arduino, lime2 

I had to patch avrdude to accept GPIOs higher than 255, but aside from that my sketchy solder job worked fine and my arduino-like board now has an updated bootloader which works properly and lets me flash things to it without any issues at all

#eidmubarak (thread)

In the middle of Covid quarantine, cyclone #Amphan destroyed a large part of the Bay of Bengal making life really hard for the many communities in the Sundarbans and rural Bengal.

Donated to the West Bengal State Emergency Relief Fund and found a list below.

Please consider chipping in if you can. In solidarity with Muslims in India facing lots of hardships this year, I wish you a happy Eid

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