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harsh technology words 

if you build technology that only works for able-bodied people, you're actively working on turning diversity in to disability

no, your inaction does not excuse you or make you less accountable for your decisions, eat my ass

vegan joke? 

so it's ok when others dress up in skin but if it's HUMAN they get pissed at me

y2k musings 

y2k aesthetic is basically pure isolation. the idea that individuals can do more and exclude themselves from the world and their communities through technology

all the light is false

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y2k musings 

both aesthetics are one of monotone coldness with a focus on artificial lighting

both have a feeling of coldness and isolation

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y2k musings 

you may wonder, 'this is 1991. it's dark and gloomy' wtf, this isn't y2k at all.

but compare it to a y2k video like or

they're basically the same thing

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y2k musings 

so as you all know i've been on board with y2k aesthetic for a long time. but i saw a music video that just changed everything

generic malaise over idealism 

Stop shitting the bed, things that I believed in, challenge 2021.

covid-19, auspol, humor 

"National Cabinet to meet to discuss COVID-19 Omicron variant"

remember kids, it's ok to hang out with your pals if it's to talk about covid

hell is having a last gen x86 laptop but you have to run windows 10 on it and it's always updating, choking your IO

idk if i announced it on fedi but im a trackball user now

mastodon and youtube don't respect my font sizes

i want 18px minimum

why does youtube want 10px minimum

what the fuck is youtube for

nft disclaimer 

i just want to make it clear that if you own nfts i think you're hilarious

NFTs, capitalism 

NFTs trade huge amount of computing power and energy that we'll never get back for imaginary property rights in a spreadsheet?

okay gang, let's see who NFTs really are *pulls ghost mask off it* CAPITALISM? ALL ALONG?

Creative Commons, FSF, etc 

is there any organization that isn't corrupt

aging, websites, jookia the boomer? 

is this a mobile thing? people packing small text on to screens again?

eh fuck it i don't give a shit any more, browser zoom go brr

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aging, websites, jookia the boomer? 

i can't tell if i'm getting too old for small fonts or fonts are just getting ridiculously small on websites

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aging, websites, jookia the boomer? 

is it just me or are websites setting their fonts to be smaller than the default font? For no clear reason?

like i was starting at a web 2.0 site and its text looked small, but some 90s plain HTML with no markup looked fine? i compared the sizes and the fancier website used 14px not 16px fonts?

like what's the point of having small fonts? i guess to fit on small screens from early 2000s but still

shoutout to hugo-serif-theme creator, fuck you

So apparently one of the reasons why IBM and Snoracle CPUs have very wide (up to 8 threads/core) SMT is to trick per-core-licensed software to think that there's not much "cores" so users can save licensing fees :thinkhappy:

printf is the only good debug solution
prove me wrong

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