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arch woes 

i updated arch and the new kernel would freeze randomly so i tried to update arch again to get a fixed kernel and it froze while updating and now my system is unbootable. thanks arch

accessibility, accessibee 

the whole accessibee thing is a disgusting rabbit hole

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lewdish, nude art, commission stuff, kink stuff 

the one person who has commissioned me hit me up again, and this time it was [hushed voice] L E W D

anyway if you want commissions from me, i might take them (hour based sessions and pay on that, so if you want more work i can always do more)

coloring im not as confident in, but this is my latest commission of that sort

making it public so i can pin it coz im proud of it

VOD where I make logic gates in Blockland game is up! For the impatient, skip to 03:50:40

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covid, in-person meetings 

Look, I know folks are all excited about being double vaccinated and want to throw things to 2019-levels of normal, but until we figure out vaccine effectiveness against the variants and whether folks will need boosters to keep their effectiveness I'm going to say that large in-person gatherings are about as irresponsible as they come.

That goes for users groups, schools, and all of the other things that believe that Fall is when we'll be in our vaccinated wonderland.

Well I just streamed myself making a 1-bit adder in Blockland from scratch. That's the only Blockland stream I'm doing, sorry everyone.

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Installed #Arch with #Gnome 40 over the weekend, and I must say, since the last time I tried using Gnome (I think around the 3.36 release), it's now definitely much more responsive, even when running the #Orca #ScreenReader. #Accessibility still isn't perfect (I'm looking at you, Settings app sidebar), but this is a huge improvement, and I think I'll be sticking with Gnome for a while.

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okay to get QLabel seen by orca you need either QtCore.Qt.LinksAccessibleByKeyboard or QtCore.Qt.TextBrowserInteraction

it's strange because orca ends up skipping my QPushButton if i do this but *shrugs* if i tab to it orca reads it fine
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@jookia In other news - mount + SSHFS will swallow unknown server errors, which will then trip IO errors despite saying nothing.

Solution is to -fv first. Because reasons.

Tech really is a magisterium, because no reasonable person should be expected to remember this. Times a thousand.

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bios, accessibility 

i don't see why in the age of UEFI the BIOS can't include a screen reader. you have fancy UIs, you don't have sound? at least document your UI then in a manual and add hot keys for navigation. like what the hell dude

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bios, accessibility 

just spent two days working with my friend to re-enable uefi in their bios, hinded by the fact that the bios is inaccessible to low to no vision people. having to tell people what keys to press then where to point the camera and then guess the tab order of elements and whether something is focused over potato quality images is hell

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if everything accessibility-wise could stop being trash that'd be nice
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re: powershell horror / pretty much totalyl unrelated 

@jookia @SyrupSlushie UTF-16 is worst-of-both-worlds. Unlike UTF-8, it's not backwards-compatible with ASCII or space-efficient as an encoding. However, it's also not fixed-width either. Plus, it's also endianness-dependent (again, unlike UTF-8).

There's a reason nobody but Microsoft uses this piece of garbage. But, true to form, given a range of solutions, Microsoft will pick the worst.

powershell horror 

powershell file redirection writes output in utf-16 D: D: D:

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