is saying 'hash tag' in actual words cringe?

no it's not because then people know there's a hash tag words don't have hash sounds

covid-19, isolation 

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covid-19, isolation 

Pinafore praise, link to birdsite 

So, I just looked through the settings for the Pinafore Mastodon client, and there's an option to strip Emoji from usernames. This makes things so much quicker to read, without so many Emoji.

Now, if only the other Unicode junk could be removed, like "𝓔𝓷𝓲𝓰𝓶𝓪𝓽𝓲𝓬𝓸" Screen readers screen readers describe these characters exactly as they are, "script capital letter S script letter n script letter I…" Yeah, awful. Social networks should support proper font changes, *Markdown* for handling text styles, so Unicode can get rid of the pretty text crap.

Whenever you mention’s bad security and ethical behavior, please also mention most other tools bad accessibility. Being able to ditch Zoom for other tools is extremely privileged.

Not everyone has this privilege.


there are accessible interfaces that let you swipe a virtual cursor through elements of a UI and decide to click on it, etc- but people don't care about accessibility enough to make their apps work with it

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phones do have buttons but they're dangerous: i've had too many times where i'm trying to set my phone to play something then put it down and accidentally hit the back button somehow because its at the bottom of the screen of the phone always

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with the mouse you can hover over things to get information, like if you're playing music and want to seek to a time in the track- you just hover over the play bar or whatever it's called and it will show you that mouse location on bar = certain timestamp

on a phone there's no hovering so you have to press and hold across this tiny bar. fine, that's cursed enough. but then you have to somehow 'click' it by moving your finger AWAY which moves the location on the bar too making seeking impossible

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i hate touch screens and touch interfaces i always accidentally press the wrong things

i have enough trouble with a mouse as is but now i have to use fingers and pressure and gestures. it's frustrating

@jookia @pitermach cloudflare is absolutely disgusting and is *still* hostile to tor users, despite claiming to care about tor and privacy, thats brilliant


BTW I'm not trying to say workers are bad for implementing horrible features to survive, but that we're in a system where it should have actual penalties so the motivation to do so goes away. Like if penalizing people for ignoring health and safety issues. This has to be everyone's responsibility or it will become the responsibility of the people free from it.

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I really wish tech workers and other workers would just say no to implementing morally horrible features in their products. If we all just say no then it won't happen. But unless we punish people for demanding horrible features or workers for implementing horrible features there's no reason not to. Ugh. Just following orders shouldn't be a thing for workers.

By using CAPTCHAs you are making your website less accessible on purpose which is terrible on its own, but you justify it by saying it stops bots or only allows humans. You are dehumanizing people by placing criteria on what it means to be human that excludes disabled people. You classify disabled people as non-human. Even more importantly: You are making these human variations not just variations but disabilities. You are the problem.

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I say it treats even more disabled people as second-class because CAPTCHAs by design are anti-accessibility. There's simply no way to make a CAPTCHA accessible to computer-based assistive technologies but not computer-based malicious technologies. reCAPTCHA for example provided visuals and audio, but excluded deafblind people who would need something like braille AKA plain text.

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What absolute ghouls CloudFlare are for switching to a brand new CAPTCHA service (did they fund it? create it?) that treats even more disabled people as second-class citizens, literally dehumanizing them by classifying them as bots instead of humans.

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