@jookia Sure, but since it's the presentation not the message that counts it has fallen out of fashion.


@murks Plain text email is the only email I send out, so not on my end! To be fair about 90% of email I get has a proper plain text version, some have even been preprocessed from whatever source markdown to plain text and includes links as citations.

@jookia Depends on what you get. Mailing lists are usually plain text, promo stuff usually HTML, often without plain text version. Some clients include an option to convert HTML to plain text but that only works to a certain extent.
My impression is that there is a lot of ignorance regarding how silly HTML email generally is. Popular clients defaulting to HTML don't help. They are more likely the main cause of this plague.

@murks I mean I can understand why you would want HTML email- having things look branded and better navigation for accessibility tools. Outlook Express had a stationary feature where you could change email backgrounds. It was wacky and fun.

But now we just have HTML that can't be turned in to text easily and retain the same meaning. So this is why we can't have nice things maybe?

@jookia Yes, I can also understand it to a degree, but the natural evolution of that is what we ended up with now, emails that are useless without JS. So now we are emailing MB sized web pages around and need a web browser to read them.

Sometimes limitations are worth keeping and plain text for emails is one of them.

@jookia Yes you can! The only luck right now is that most clients have that disabled by default, I think.

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