For anyone interested, it's because I reported a bug in Pixelfed and in response the lead developer was generally unhelpful and uncommunicative, and when they do communicate it's ended up leading to contradictory statements.


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I'm not sure if this bug is even fixed, but the issue is closed without a clear explanation. Which is kind of WTF. More importantly, with this kind of simple issue being such a trashfire I really hate to think how any important issues such as security issues will be handled.

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Even if it was fixed, it was done in a way that needs manual intervention- this isn't noted in the changelog. So existing servers won't get the fix.

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Oh sweet, they locked the issue with no explanation or confirmation of the fix. Amazing.

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So in conclusion: Don't use Pixelfed, the main developer refuses to investigate or fix bugs and will close and lock issues without explanation. I'm pinning this, so make sure to read the entire thread for more details.

Wow, I dug through 5 pages of the issue tracker and found more bugs that just show a lack of communication or caring:

Single images show navigation arrows? Not on my machine!
SQLite isn't supported. Why? Dunno!
Want to browse a Pixelfed instance without logging in? Just use the JSON API!

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@jookia thank you. I had a feeling while interacting with them. Cold vibes :/

@aura Ugh. I feel kind of bad even though it's not my fault. I would say the best thing you could do is buy a WordPress website and set up your own gallery there.

@jookia but I have a doubt. Does this apply to all other Pixelfed instances too?

@aura It's specifically with the developers of the Pixelfed software. So it affects the quality of all instances unless Pixelfed is forked and instances use that

@jookia day after you posted this it seems that dansup did give a final response:

i do still agree that closing/locking discussion prematurely without warning is dumb
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