isn't it STRANGE how all the 'post-open source' licenses only put restrictions on users and distributors, but nothing on developers? like i haven't seen a license that says 'this software must be fully accessible by those with disabilities' or 'this software must not include tracking code'

like there's a ton of licenses talking about how the software musn't be used for things like or things like fossil fuels, nuclear power (uh?), forest burning (ok fuck firefighters i guess), all these things that will obviously not have an actual impact outside making the author feel good- but any clauses that would have an impact on the software itself and protect or empower users are nowhere to be seen


my pet theory that i literally made up just now for this is that developers never see themselves as the problem and creating injustice in the world by how they design their programs, it's only others who do bad with their software that create injustice

i guess it's nice to think that a license can stop harm from happening but also arrogant to ignore the harm your decisions and lack of expertise create

but more importantly: licensing your software under a 'fuck big corps' license is a lot easier than spending actual effort in making your software good or quality and saying no to features that discriminate against people

@jookia that's how I see it. Rocket goes up who cares where it comes down. That's my my department :blobcattouchfluffytail:

@jookia it's neoliberal as fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck

the only decisions that matter are individual ones and also other people are making bad choices not me

@anna i think it just focuses on the wrong issues, though in the end it's not like i'm going to even look at code under a nonfree license let alone use it

@jookia and while there's plenty of garbage well-meaning free software out there (i could write a fucking doctorate thesis on the awful shit that has happened to me thanks to Mastodon's technical design and choices just in the last week) it's at least, you know, something you can work with and comment on and not, say, run into obstacles with if one wanted to write a thesis

@anna i dunno, the GPL and other copyleft can stop that despite being free

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