george floyd 

i'm struggling to think of ANYTHING that would exonerate the cop here, even hypothetically- that doesn't include being racist. like even if george floyd's neck magically welded itself to the ground and the knee making the situation IMPOSSIBLE to end, you'd think the cop would go 'holy shit i can't move my knee, someone help me get my knee off his man who is dying, let's at least try to stop this situation'

george floyd 

like i imagine when you go to the cop class the first thing they teach you is that when you kill unarmed black people you have to do it before the situation is quote 'under control', so our hero derek chauvin manages to get geroge floyd to the squad car then realizes- whoa i forgot to do the murder part. and all these people are watching. so he has to use the ol' eric garner trick but fucked that up by taking 7 minutes to do it and now he's probably going to prison


george floyd 

i say probably because since i'm a person that isn't a racist i can't actually even comprehend whatever court argument he's going to use to get out of this one and retire happily to sell paintings of murdering brown people

you see your honor, i'm a racist and have huge urges to murder every non-white i see. it's a disability and burden i cope with every day, but it overcame me this time. if you're saying i can't be a police office BECAUSE i'm a racist, that's discrimination

@jookia let's talk about black-on-black and black-on-white violence
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