bios, accessibility 

just spent two days working with my friend to re-enable uefi in their bios, hinded by the fact that the bios is inaccessible to low to no vision people. having to tell people what keys to press then where to point the camera and then guess the tab order of elements and whether something is focused over potato quality images is hell

bios, accessibility 

i don't see why in the age of UEFI the BIOS can't include a screen reader. you have fancy UIs, you don't have sound? at least document your UI then in a manual and add hot keys for navigation. like what the hell dude

bios, accessibility 

@jookia While I'd like to attribute this to 'hardware people can't software', it's more readily attributed to 'techbros are abled as hell and fuck you for not being exactly like them, exhibit 50 fucking million'.

re: bios, accessibility 

@koz_ross @jookia

yeah. I mean, i can see just fine and even I can't figure out how to use some BIOSes! Even for seeing people, bioses are an absolute pain to use sometimes. I still love Spolsky's description of Bios documentation:

"Enable LRF-1914 support?

Press 'Y' to enable LRF-1914 support.
Press 'N' to disable LRF-1914 support.

But it never says anywhere what LRF 1914 support even means!"

bios, accessibility 

@jookia What mobo vendor, out of curiosity?

bios, accessibility 

@faoluin it's a dell laptop

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