programmable keyboard rant 

things programmable keyboards can do:
- macros
- layers
- operate the mouse
things programmable keyboards can't do:
- use capslock as a modifier

re: programmable keyboard rant 

@jookia Why not remap the keyboard events on the OS level? I did it like with evdev, but probably there’s a less messy way. It also works on non-programmable keyboards, like the laptop’s internal one (but not while the computer is still booting).

Although using caps as a modifier is probably doable with just xkb.

re: programmable keyboard rant 

@kristof it's probably not possible

re: programmable keyboard rant 

@jookia If you want an additional modifier with plain xkb, then you can set the key to have more levels (like EIGHT_LEVEL, e.g. in and then map <CAPS> to ISO_Level5_Shift, e.g. in This still preserves e.g. AltGr as an ISO_Level3_Shift. I used to run with a similar setup to this, but I am linking to some random xkb files I found with a search now, because nowadays I remap keys on the evdev level (xkb can’t really do stuff like modifier on hold, other key for single press, but it’s relatively easy with evdev).


re: programmable keyboard rant 

@kristof i don't want to remap caps

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