"crypto" "currency" 

every blockchain thing must have a technical document that immediately goes into lengthy detail about one small aspect, while neglecting to even include a broad discussion of the architecture, it's properties, and tradeoffs.

it's propaganda written for investors, of course

only effective against people who aren't expecting a real protocol RFC-style doc with structured explanations.

i can't decide whether it's just intentional chaff, or if it reflects the underlying process.

"crypto" "currency" 

most of these projects are the software architecture equivalent of an acid trip. focusing on weird little details, no sense of perspective, but it feels really neat to see all the swirling bits and pieces around you.


"crypto" "currency" 

@scanlime its free money from dummies

"crypto" "currency" 

@jookia *sigh* it's true, in this stage of capitalism we're all just fighting over the dummies' money

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