cryptocurrency rant 

the easiest way you can tell cryptocurrency for the most part is a grift is that it's a technology, not an actual solution that improves people's lives. who the fuck actually cares about technology for the most part? or even currency? i don't care if i'm using cash, credit card or something like paypal for the most part

cryptocurrency rant 

yes, there are SOME use cases a cryptocurrency is good for:

- privacy (fuck stalkers)
- illegal shit (fuck the law)

but notice how those aren't tied to underlying technologies? they just happen to be something cryptocurrencies do because it's full of sketchy companies who will take on that kind of risk

cryptocurrency rant 

@jookia folks who are building "solutions" in search of problems also love to cultivate edge cases where their thing seems like it might help, and then build propaganda around those stories. helped one dude get out of poverty? cool, never mind all of that VC money that could have been going directly to poor people. gotta make some propaganda now.

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