as a white dude i don't experience much trash in life but i'm proud to not be a conscious and hateful person towards people due to their ethnicity, gender, sexuality, whatever. like i have biases, sure. i try to actively work against them.

but i don't go on facebook and make slurs about chinese people

or just in general hate chinese people?

sinophobia is bizarre to me, and it's everywhere and accepted especially among like electronics people??


like i hate to break it towards people but the reason your electronics are garbage isn't because they're chinese, it's because they're cheap

the chinese market does sell a lot of cheap shit- to people that buy it


@jookia There's also this infuriating notion that the Chinese aren't capable of innovation; like they can only be factory workers, not research engineers. Of course I too am more familiar with ultra-cheap stuff from AliExpress than I am with the Chinese space program, but the mere fact that there is a successful Chinese space program should make people think, shouldn't it?

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