Outer interpreter is mostly working, though no support for compiling mode/immediate words. I also haven't added dictionary entries for built-ins yet. Generating dictionary entries for every word has pushed up compile times considerably (two seconds), though I haven't profiled why exactly.

Okay so after some tweaking, I have a build of ReactOS running and installed that I built in ReactOS!

Horrible code but I now have a linked-list dictionary in my Forth and an outer interpreter that will run a word, parse it as a number or return -1!

Time to try out the latest ReactOS code to see if it's stable enough. Okay, let's boot this sucker up in QEMU-

Saw this RT by @codingcommanders twitter.com/itzareyesMX/status and just spent 5 minutes trying to parse this horrible slide as a list of three separate sentences starting with 'People' instead of a paragraph. If you want me to read this as a paragraph, don't use all caps, add punctuation, or really just don't format your text like a list of attributes about a noun. The irony about making a hard to read slide about how people don't fix technology issues is not lost on me.

Woo, implemented buffered writing of characters strings, numbers and the stack!

2176 bytes of executable and I finally have proper read buffering and word splitting

I took some PCB photos of my iron, but ended up with these groovy slit screen effects, even with flash on! Could somebody explain this to me? Likely due to hand tremors or the phone's rotation when I touch the 'take photo' button.

It also turns out this 'temperature controlled' soldering iron is actually just equivalent to a dimmer between my 240v mains and an iron with a plastic handle.

I took apart my iron and removed some plastic hiding the wires to these scary looking wires and a blob of melted plastic broken off from the wire holder. Is this normal, Internet?

Fourth attempt at uploading images to the Internet from my phone. Here are the previous two but large.

Sorry for the bad quality, one handed Galaxy S2 photography isn't my strong point. Here's a better shot.

Can't wait to practice some soldering while I'm waiting for code to compile. I've finally figured out the ergonomics.
What's that, my multimeter is out of battery and I stripped the screw trying to open it? Uh, OK. I can still do the soldering stuff.
What's that, the soldering kit PCB is different to the instructions? OK but I can still solder at least.

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