I wanted to use the Olimex Lime2's GPIO headers as a SPI device. But... my breadboard cables are too small. There's only one solution: Soldering.

This is my first time soldering stuff so small like this, so excuse the trashy joints. I'll eventually buy actual breadboard cables of this size so I don't have to do this.

very angry git ecosystem accessibility rant 

Here's a screenshot of Firefox's accessibility inspector showing this BASIC MISTAKE

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Web design guessing game 

Here's the same image but with links highlighted. Did you guess correctly?

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Web design guessing game 

New game: Guess which elements are clickable and give a reason why you think this, whether it's due to learned behavior or design elements. I'll post an image showing which elements are actually clickable tomorrow.

Time to do some quick DOS Twitch Bot programming! Come join me for an hour or two:

I finally have native words in my Forth dictionary, which means I can now do stack operations and math in my REPL! See accessibility text for better explanation as to what's happening here.

it really makes me wonder if these are the actual schematics used to build the phone what does this even mean for example

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Outer interpreter is mostly working, though no support for compiling mode/immediate words. I also haven't added dictionary entries for built-ins yet. Generating dictionary entries for every word has pushed up compile times considerably (two seconds), though I haven't profiled why exactly.

Okay so after some tweaking, I have a build of ReactOS running and installed that I built in ReactOS!

Horrible code but I now have a linked-list dictionary in my Forth and an outer interpreter that will run a word, parse it as a number or return -1!

Time to try out the latest ReactOS code to see if it's stable enough. Okay, let's boot this sucker up in QEMU-

Saw this RT by @codingcommanders and just spent 5 minutes trying to parse this horrible slide as a list of three separate sentences starting with 'People' instead of a paragraph. If you want me to read this as a paragraph, don't use all caps, add punctuation, or really just don't format your text like a list of attributes about a noun. The irony about making a hard to read slide about how people don't fix technology issues is not lost on me.

Woo, implemented buffered writing of characters strings, numbers and the stack!

2176 bytes of executable and I finally have proper read buffering and word splitting

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