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@Sheenasing I don't have the communist manifesto at hand but I basically have this comic summary:

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This is the game board. It isn’t my copy but mine looks exactly like this. Some of these sites bring back memories.

@Mikoto Yeah sometimes it feels like OOP is designed explicitly to avoid refactoring code properly

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The only things which consistently work well on this platform are:

- XTerm, LXterm
- Vim, GVim, and Emacs
- Fossil (requires building from source, though)
- Git.
- my icoBoard Gamma bitstream programmer.

It's a shame when a computer several thousand times more powerful than my Amiga can't run basic day to day software or visit day to day websites like Atlassian's JIRA or Google's Mail or Maps apps.

Even takes several *seconds* to scroll text in the compose column.


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I am convinced that software developers (ESPECIALLY including web-based applications) should be forced to work exclusively with a Raspberry Pi as their sole working platform for a minimum of one week.

Web browsing is utterly unusable. is **barely** tolerable in the ancient version of Chromium that is available. Firefox is unavailable, and Iceweasel crashes upon trying to render even static websites.

The state of software is actually worse than deplorable.

@vertigo Interesting. Surprisingly on the Novena I haven't had this problem with SD cards being as sluggish as they are in the Pi. However, the Novena has 4GB of RAM so it might caching a good amount

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PSA: check your phone's charging voltage, and lower it if you can (you need root permissions).
Mine was charging to 4.32V by default. 4.2V is industry standard.

Obviously planned obsolescence in action.

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@naia Ah. I just have a lot of opinions I think people would call extreme. :\

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