Making a Parasite poster

In the foreground is the burned Muslim neighbourhood in Shiv Vihar, Delhi. In the middle is the Ashok Nagar mosque vandalised by Hindu terrorists. In the background are Trump and Modi in bullet proof glass enclosure

Maaaan, the fact that YouTube revoked API keys for the Kodi plugin and youtube-viewer and expects me to make my own key is probably my last straw in using youtube.

@nitox Ehh it depends on the laws in your country and what you've agreed to. Otherwise we couldn't have projects like Wine and ReactOS or virus protection software.

@nitox It's up to the people making the claims to show proof. There's been no proof a backdoor, just paranoia.

As for verifying, it's firmware so if there's a backdoor I'm sure someone would have found it by now.

@nitox I wouldn't take much notice on libreboot or coreboot, they're paranoid. Going with nonfree firmware should be fine for most use cases.

@kazuma @rizzo sorry kazuma i think it's time to cancel you. get back in your horror hole

@faoluin 'pkg' downloads binary packages built from ports I think

i really don't know how to feel about this. the packager is packaging the software, and the software is broken- but it's broken upstream at this version too? but because they're packaging an older version they're going to just let the out-of-the-box breakage stay

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today on reporting bugs to debian. running crash on a kernel dump doesn't work. the response is that if you pass a magic and poorly documented flag it works. bug report closed.

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