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arch woes 

i updated arch and the new kernel would freeze randomly so i tried to update arch again to get a fixed kernel and it froze while updating and now my system is unbootable. thanks arch

accessibility, accessibee 

the whole accessibee thing is a disgusting rabbit hole

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@koakuma The ARM Server Base System Architecture Documentation kind of defines an architecture for all this, but it's only for servers I think.

@koakuma The 'core' issue is that there's no such thing as an ARM platform like there is a PC platform. ARM just sells CPU cores, which are useless without all the other stuff that does IO.

@koakuma A consistent architecture for things like interrupt handlers, device emulation, expansion slots

@koakuma well ARM servers require UEFI and ACPI and some other stuff to bring you a platform, but that brings you basically up to the point of a regular firmware like u-boot that loads a kernel and gives it a device tree

@koakuma risc-v is going to hit this problem too which sucks. i've hit this problem trying to make somewhat portable ARM images. the big truth is that the reason x86 is so painless is because all its platform support is mainline. if ARM were like that, then sure yeah we could probably have UEFI or coreboot or u-boot flashed on some chip and booting arbitrary images. but until then the UX will always be 'download this image to support all the features of your device'

@koakuma Like I'm sorry if I'm coming off as trash here, but if all ARM boards suddenly switched to UEFI then the best you get is a portable bootloader that's later discarded when your OS boots, and your OS needs device-specific stuff.

@koakuma A single OS build working on a diverse set of hardware models is not going to happen in the ARM land, or any land with varying SoC architectures especially with vendor patches. You always need custom firmware. Always. UEFI just hides this by being proprietary custom firmware you can't replace. Sometimes you need custom kernel patches and things like that, and that's why you can't use a Raspberry Pi OS for an ODROID.

UEFI doesn't solve the problems you think it does.

@koakuma Why do you care about that? Are you an embedded dev?

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lewdish, nude art, commission stuff, kink stuff 

the one person who has commissioned me hit me up again, and this time it was [hushed voice] L E W D

anyway if you want commissions from me, i might take them (hour based sessions and pay on that, so if you want more work i can always do more)

coloring im not as confident in, but this is my latest commission of that sort

making it public so i can pin it coz im proud of it

VOD where I make logic gates in Blockland game is up! For the impatient, skip to 03:50:40

@clacke I mean in this conversation analytics refers to digital analytics right? The stuff Audacity is using. That's what everyone's upset about. Or at least it's what I meant. What would you feel acceptable UI for that type of analytics, where the computer collects and reports data with user consent.

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