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And no, automatic line wrapping is not a solution for this problem in source code. Automatic line wrapping does a bad job of preserving source code readability.

It's not about "tiling WM users who have 32 xterms open". It's about people with poor vision needing a large font and two text editors (or terminals) open side-by-side.

Resolution does not increase the possible text density if your vision is poor.

Respect disabled people and stick to the 80 character limit FFS.

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Displays haven't gotten any bigger in the last 20 years. They've gotten smaller. And the size they were before was pretty much the biggest they can be without requiring moving your neck while reading. So if we should be changing line length in source code files, then we should be decreasing it.

If your response to that is "but I can read 5mm text just fine!" then you're displaying unconscious ableism. Don't assume that everyone's vision is as good as yours.

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@Soundsphere @faoluin @LunaDragofelis i mean the problem is that if you say all lives matter you're saying a racist phrase so people think you're a racist

racist phrases 

@Soundsphere 'all lives matter' is only said in response to 'black lives matter', discounting the point

racist phrases 

i dont see color = i dont see racism
all lives matter = i don't see black lives

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@diligentcircle paraphrasing but 'let's go fuck up those black aliens shadow' never sounded good, no

@pitermach I'm not sure whether to boost or not. On one hand, accessibility is an issue. On the other hand, fuck Brave

@covered-in-pillows is it gay if they're just attractive in general, probably to everyone


@weirdwriter I use uBlock Origin for this, but there's also NoScript- however these may be inaccessible.

TERFs, dehumanizing Sorry if that sounded harsh or whatever

I was reading an article about masks. Then I was entering a password, and it happened. Passwords are protected from Covid-19 already. Do you know why? Because they are masked. Yep, I seriously need something to do, because this is what happens when I don't have work for a day.

TERFs, dehumanizing I dunno if it's ever okay to dehumanize people. If it's okay to do that then I don't know how we can build a just society.

@aardrian are there any pictures of trump having any expression other than looking down and disappointed

It won't be long until I start the development of #LiBraille, a cross-platform, GPL-licensed braille transcription program, like #Duxbury or #BrailleBlaster. Not a big market, but Linux needs a premiere tool in this area, and some of the code is already written in OSI compliant libraries.

This is a school project, so I won't be able to release the code straight away; But I'll be sure to post updates on this account as it develops. The planning's almost done, it's nearly #programming time.

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