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@koakuma Are the pages very white or very black? Could be capacitor charging

@arh Awesome! I'll grab your key and put it in my collection. Make sure to grab mine at

@Mayana Hmm. I dunno how you'd move around in 3D space with TTS or aim guns

Holy shit! Sure, mainstream games have made empty promises before, but it looks like #TheLastOfUs2 is actually going to be accessible! I will so be playing this!
#Accessibility #Gaming #VideoGames


So for the past few years I've been running Firefox with uBlock Origin to block ads and disable Javascript by default, Decentraleyes and Forget Me Not as my main privacy tools in conjunction with first party isolation which sandboxes third-party cookies per domain, cookie whitelister. But I often hit trouble with having to enable cookies and it makes me wonder if I'm really gaining much by not having them always accepted by auto deleted. Or whether I should keep cookies enabled always

CW meta, filters, talking about (not) avoiding important topics. 

@IceWolf I feel ya. I'm white and I'm fairly insulated from racism, but I want to know about all what's going on. Sometimes I just can't handle it and people refusing to CW put me in a spot of unfollowing them or harming my mental health. I usually choose to unfollow. I hate it but I can't do much if my mental health is trashed.

CW meta, filters, talking about (not) avoiding important topics. 

So, I should preface this by saying I am white and don't have any triggers around this stuff. Just low spoons.


Saying "just filter it" /assumes that I want to wholesale ignore it/.

To forget it's happening.

I don't. I /want/ to engage with it. /When/ I have the spoons.


I really should be more active here but I feel like I hardly know anybody :/

mh - just have a little rant now and then

Hi I wanted to offer, well, my accessibility expertise. I'm certified, but appeal more to the casual user. I've been an expert witness for many cases, and more. I'd love to consult on future gaming projects!

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