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Ok, one bug fixed in tcc: syscalls with more than 3 arguments didn't work. Weird flex but ok. Next bug: my stack writing code seems to output weirdo values.

As always, it works when I step through gdb. The last time I had a weird issue like this was because gdb's breakpoints would replace code before with break instructions and hide that from me. I sure wonder what it will be this time.

Wow, my hacked together C code segfaults in TinyCC. That's not good, time to fix it I guess.

It's really worth noting here these same people tell tales of people RMS being removed from spaces because he couldn't speak his mind, but there was no CoC involved there or internal due process to correct this behavior. Instead nothing was done about it for years and the media eventually caught on and sensationalized it.

I'm guessing the logic here is that there's a link between mass media and codes of conducts, which again, is probably belief in a feminist/SJW/Jewish conspiracy.

I'm also tempted to suggest CoC detractors are commonly fascists since most CoCs add due process to a project rather than just the 'ban people and trust the project leader', but I'm not sure if this is a majority or minority. It's still not great that it's there though.

The dark underbelly of the 'who gets to define good and bad?' argument against CoCs is not concerns of how makes these decisions (pre-CoC and post-CoC it's still the project maintainer) but concerns about the idea that there's a feminist/SJW/Jewish conspiracy going on here forcing maintainers to change their ideas of good and bad.

I love reading the objections people have to CoCs to try and learn something.
Unfortunately it's often the same old "but now we can be banned for whatever's defined as 'harassment' or 'hateful conduct'", completely ignoring that without a CoC you can just be banned for anything anyway, or that "it's stupid to have a list of things that are bad instead of just be nice to people."
In reality the true objections is probably "I hate knowing specific bad behavior is no longer allowed"

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downloaded a free cursor from the internet just like in the good 'ol days

Saw this RT by @codingcommanders and just spent 5 minutes trying to parse this horrible slide as a list of three separate sentences starting with 'People' instead of a paragraph. If you want me to read this as a paragraph, don't use all caps, add punctuation, or really just don't format your text like a list of attributes about a noun. The irony about making a hard to read slide about how people don't fix technology issues is not lost on me.

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I'm curious. Does anyone else read scientific papers for pleasure? (Boosts wanted.)

All aboard the anime avatar train! Choo choo!

Woo, implemented buffered writing of characters strings, numbers and the stack!

Not that being fooled on a single argument leads you to become a fascist, but it's a good way to get your guard down and search out arguments that make sense to you.

It's also just preying on people who can't show that these arguments are wrong. For an hour or so after listening to a racist explain their views of immigration I had a 'that makes sense' moment, so I almost got fooled by that. Dangerous and stupid.

I really wish I understood this earlier instead of taking the bait and having my own personal reaction to fascism stalled.

This year I've been reading up on the arguments in support of fascism, but I'm just going to declare myself a fool. I thought I could squint and say towards these arguments 'well that kind of makes sense if you have different moral values', but no, these arguments aren't actual arguments. Their purpose is to throw a wrench in to any system that attempts civilized discussion and compromise, and delay any proper defense while the fascists move in for the kill.

Crackin' open a bottle of Mount Franklin Australian Spring Water. Thanks Coca-Cola for ensuring I have clean drinking water!

2176 bytes of executable and I finally have proper read buffering and word splitting

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