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TIL using realtimekit you can get high nice levels for your programs as a user. how to set your current shell to nice -11:

$ busctl call org.freedesktop.RealtimeKit1 /org/freedesktop/RealtimeKit1 org.freedesktop.RealtimeKit1 MakeThreadHighPriorityWithPID tti -- $$ 0 '-11'

replace $$ with your PID if you don't want the current shell to be changed

Linux novena-visitor-biscuit 3.17.0-rc5-00217-gfd79638 #276 SMP PREEMPT Fri Nov 14 20:15:41 SGT 2014 armv7l GNU/Linux

fresh novena smell

tbh the reason why i keep getting sidetracked by accessibility projects is that it's almost always low-hanging fruit like bug fixing that brings actual quality of life to people

game dev question 

can someone suggest websites full of news and information i could read? i guess that's a vague question, but things like forums or mailing lists or reddit where things are categorized

i'm going to start top-posting in emails so blind people can read them without skipping pages of quotes to get to my message


Shout out to TOCS3 devs for having their game work out of the box in Wine (with faudio winetricks, but Wine 5 should work out of the box) and GOG for not having trash DRM that stops the game being launchable

Wine experts: ToCS 3 runs flawlessly in a 64-bit prefix, but the audio balance is wrong, and audio adjustments in-game do nothing. Also, the game won't close properly when asked (I have to wineserver -k). I get errors like:

AL lib: (EE) Context 0x7d886300 current for thread being destroyed!

Thoughts on what could be the cause or how to fix it?

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So, ToCS 3. I love it already. Towa has a central role! And it even runs (almost) flawlessly on Wine. Just amazing.

Currently using cherry blue switches... are there any out there that give more tactile *kachunk* and less loud *click*?

fpga posting 

also here's the source code, i'm of course not going to be a dick and pull a proprietary software on you cuties :ablobcatheart:

(though it was already available as this is an older project of mine that i got back to working on)
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Crab wants to remind everyone to be safe. :blobcrab:

unhealthy snack food 

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