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github, word replacing 

i'm fully on board with replacing 'slave' in technical contexts. some project replaced 'master/slave' with 'master/replica' which makes a lot more sense.
but github's replacing 'master' with 'main/primary' etc in the git repos which i always read as 'master copy', since it's data and not a role. it's going to confuse people for not much benefit.
but it's also removing whitelist/blacklist? what? this isn't oppressive or racist it's just words

what if we kissed in an enclosed, unventilated environment 😳😳😳

and we were both wearing p100 full face respirators

@arh I just saw your blog post about the issue of using nonfree software while promoting free software. It's a bit hypocritical yes, but it doesn't mean you care less about free software- often there's no alternative.

tomato clinic accessibility 

bah, it's a little bad with some accessibility parts. :(

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tomato clinic accessibility 

so i just booted up tomato clinic, a renpy based game. it's accessible to blind people, it speaks out things. how? it just runs espeak whenever it wants to say something. with windows it runs a vbs script, with mac is runs say. it seems hacky but it works and it uses the correct pitch and speed i've configured

mental illness? neurodiversity? 


how does the blind community feel about people who blind themselves on purpose? truly curious.

“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.”
- Martin Luther King Jr

Good Morning Friends 🌞

So I'm getting an inordinate number of reports that Kylie Jenner is not in fact a billionaire anymore; she only has about 900 something million and I can't help but feel for the woman

mental illness? neurodiversity? 

i read an article once about a sighted person who had some kind of need to be blind. she learned braille, how to use a cane, all that stuff. then she found some professional that blinded her using some kind of safe acid, then she was finally happy.
i also listened to a podcast about people who feel they have too many limbs and need amputation to be happy and feel like their bodies are

self-evaluation, racism 

It's fairly disgusting that it took me until national police abuse against protesters to realize police corruption is the norm. I think this is because I didn't see enough brutality to conclude that it's the norm and instead saw it as a smaller problem. This probably comes from privilege and lack of research, and probably optimism filling in my ignorance. Or maybe I'm just assuming that what I see is representative of reality?

trash man philosophy 

kazuma (aka radheya aka matt spaghetti) revealed to me today that they took my title as trash man as that i have low self esteem or deprecating jokes. no, it's not like that. being a trash man and eating garbage isn't literally about trash but figuratively about accepting and consuming what society deems trash or otherwise rejects. it is acknowledgment of this societal judgment as well as rebellion against it

Credit and debit cards, by now since microprocessors and e-ink displays are so cheap, should be OTP devices that generate a random information every two hours or something.

Sure, you can get a OTP PIN system, but that doesn't work for credit cards, and also still allows merchants to track your purchases.

Graphic tablet is working fine!
Need to practice hand eye coordination and also get my attention span back up lol.
Watching videos, Playing games and less time exercising has reduced my attention span :P.

Huion is affordable and better than Wacom :P



After installing a couple of mods, I’m now able to play the Steam version of #SlayTheSpire without any need for sighted assistance. Though these features should be standard by now, I’d argue, it’s great to see the community stepping in #SoEveryoneCanGame.


it seems in this universe creating anything requires irreversible processes that can't be recycled

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it really bothers me when something breaks and has to be replaced. even if it's made out of 100% recyclable and degradable materials, all the energy put in to making it such as power and water, we can't get that back

gui design 

on a physical level the amount of precision required to click things sucks for me and i hate it. having things bigger and more clickable/touchable would be great

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gui design 

my main gripes in general come from discoverability. things like tab completion or just having things shown in GUIs work well. but my main pet peeve about modern UIs is that looking at someone doesn't convey what you can do with it and what it does. is it clickable? touchable? will it open a submenu? a new page? and inconsistency such as some clickables having underlines, some not, some having different colored text, some being buttons, etc. it just kills me inside

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