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Ever wonder why electronics don't work under water? Because the force-carrying boson of the electromagnetic force, the photon, can't swim, so it drowns before it can transfer the electricity. #coolsciencefacts

git proof of concept 

ok i did it i made git use UUIDs semi-transparently:


can't believe im anger-prototyping git uuid authors and it kinda works

git trans question 

how do you accomodate people who don't want to use git because it can't retroactively change author details?


cancel culture is jon stewart going on crossfire and getting the show canceled in one interview

the cycle of jookia 

5pm: better have a look at this ethernet issue
6pm: huh should be eating food but it looks like its a clocking issue
7pm: ok but does this work mainline
8pm: why the fuck won't this work
10pm: i'm way out of my depth. i'm exhausted. i don't have the resources to fix this. i give up
1am: I DID IT


ben shapiro is a walking back of the envelope calculator

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I cannot wait for you all to be able to use @mercury. I can honestly say without a shadow of a doubt that it is the most accessible app on IOS. It is amazing. You will not need another Mastodon app. #a11y #accessibility

reddit diwhy quote 

my favorite reddit post is probably a dude ripping on someone's underground bunker build

"Look, I get it. It's cool, looks like fun. If this was behind a secret door in the kitchen pantry, I'd think it was the balls. But as it stands, you essentially recreated the gas chambers at Auschwitz, except those had stairs to enter."

news take 

gotta make some news so people don't lose hope and rise up

trump briefly upset
outrage over republicans
local kid raises money to keep someone alive

hot bedtime voting take 

voting ids are bad and if you disagree you're wrong


"Okay, kids it's bring your future self to class day! Who's first to introduce theirs?"

"My future self is an astronaut!"
"My future self is a fisherman!"
"I don't have a future self."

bad news take 

as a news reporter our oath is to sit and listen to anybody, whether anarchist or fascist, express our feelings and then let events unfold as they would without me. for it is not our place to interfere in the events of the world, only report them. we truly are powerless

bad fake news 

reporters shocked as trump ends press conference with "by november we should have those [n word]s out of there". pressed for comment he responded with 'oh, you're gonna do something now i say it out loud? fuck off you won't' followed by locking eyes with a reporter, outstretching his arms and walking backwards out of the room

the reporter in question later commented "i'm truly disgusted. if he asks for my input in next week's conference i'll definitely give him a piece of my mind"

uspol, fake news 

wow really impressed by trump's somewhat coherent tweet storm where we explains that he wants to make it clear that yes, he is a fascist and while he doesn't partake in racism on a personal level that's just part of his package with the way fascism needs an out group. he reminds people that voting is anonymous so it's ok to just pretend you're voting for biden and act confused why he wins

uspol, history, fake news 

Wow, reading up on Roe v. Wade I'm taken aback by Harry Blackmun's closing quote: "The government has no business interfering in the cycle of God as it pertains to a soul not yet independent. We cannot quench His thirst, His hunger, with offerings of life without sin. No, we must turn to our own and offer them to His kingdom. No man must meet their maker before their time lest they be turned away. The only salvation for us is eternal rest. Amen."

social media 

if i go to sleep now my social media popularity will be ruined

social media announcement 

just to let everyone know im phoning it in with this social media stuff


my magnum project for my monster opus of a writing project is nearly complete

convincing but wrong advice 

protip: 12am/pm comes after 11am/pm so 12am is noon and 12pm is midnight

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